‘He Threw Out His Own Work!’: Thor: Love and Thunder Writer Reveals Taika Waititi Would Work on Script for Months, Only To Trash Everything During the Shoot

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It’s now been a few days since Thor: Love and Thunder made it to the big screens and recently in an interview, the writer of the movie who co-penned the movie alongside Taika Waititi, Jennifer Kaytin Robinson revealed her woes while working with the Jojo Rabbit director exclaiming that Taika Waititi’s directing style is very unconventional. Still, it is to be noted that she agreed that Taika and she are a good team despite all troubles.

Chris Hemsworth, Thor Love and Thunder
Thor: Love and Thunder was released on July 8, 2022

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It is not easy to work with Taika Waititi:

Jennifer Kaytin Robinson Thor: Love and Thunder
Jennifer Kaytin Robinson explained her work experience with Taika Waititi

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During the interview with Variety, the writer was asked that earlier when Natalie Portman went to their interview, she claimed that the director shoots very unconventionally and if it is true to which the co-writer answered in affirmative:

The Interviewer: When I interviewed Natalie Portman for Variety‘s cover story, she talked about how Taika shoots very unconventionally — that he’ll essentially throw out the script on the day.

Jennifer Kaytin Robinson: That’s right.

Jennifer Kaytin Robinson explained that Taika Waititi never got satisfied with his work and often used to throw out scripts. And it’s not exactly throwing out but some more and more additions to it. Like they held meetings, discussed various plot points, and just some days after during the shoot or before that, he throws out the scripts and adds more to it:

“We worked on them together. He threw out his own work! We really sat in rooms and Zooms together for months and months and months, and then we would get there, and we would rehearse it, and — ‘throw it out’ is the wrong word. I mean, he does throw it out, but the core is still there. I would say he pluses — he can’t help but always try to plus. I can’t imagine Taika is ever going to write something and be like, ‘It’s done and we’ll shoot it.’ “

Following this, the writer also revealed that Taika Waititi’s approach to the script was unique. He often used to improvise things on the set when he got any idea or for example, if she got any idea in her mind then he also used to add that during the shoot and she also likes very much to work with the director as they are a good team according to her.


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Now with Thor: Love and Thunder phase over, will Jennifer Robinson return to MCU?

Jennifer Kaytin Robinson to return to MCU
Jennifer Kaytin Robinson is open to working with MCU in the future

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One of the most important and common questions that are asked almost every Marvel Associate during an interview is if they are going to be seen again under the umbrella of MCU or not to which Jennifer Kaytin Robinson replied that although she doesn’t like to make plans beforehand regarding her works in the industry, still she is very open to working with the studio again after Thor: Love and Thunder:


“I don’t know. At this point, I’m very open to wherever life takes me. Something that I’ve learned in this business is that you can try to plan and plans will be thrown back in your face and you’ll be laughed at. So I have stopped planning. If I get a call and they want me to come in and pitch on something, and it’s something that I feel like I would be right for, yeah, I would work with Marvel again.”

So it can be concluded that the writer had a fruitful experience with the studio and would probably return for any other MCU Project as she loves to work with Kevin Feige’s studio.

Thor: Love and Thunder is running in theaters near you.

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