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Miles Teller is at the top of his game. He’s starred in the Best Picture nominated Whiplash, the box office breaking Top Gun: Maverick and recently hosted the premiere episode of Saturday Night Live’s forty-eighth season.


But prior to all of that he was a young, aspiring actor in the small city of Lecanto, Florida where he attended Lecanto High School. It was at LHS that Teller led the schools drama club and received countless accolades from his performances in stage productions and short films. Short films are a standard piece of the puzzle for beginning actors, a necessary tool for honing their skills and building their talents.

We’ve tracked down three of Miles Teller’s earliest short films. Each of them featuring a young High School or College Aged Miles Teller showcasing the early glimpses of the massive talent he would later display.


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Miles Teller in ‘Moonlighters.’

The earliest of the three short films is Moonlighters. A story of heartbreak that leads a night of poor decisions and violence. Written and directed by Jesse Newman (in fact, all three of these short films are by the young Jesse Newman) the story follows a group of high school kids, including a baby faced Miles Teller, who plot a dangerous and elaborate burglary. Of course, things don’t go as planned and the group soon find themselves in a world of trouble.

Watch Here: ‘Moonlighters,’ A Short Film Starring Miles Teller

A Very Specific Recipe

Miles Teller in ‘A Very Specific Recipe.’

A Very Specific Recipe was Jesse Newman’s entry into the 48 Hour film festival. Jesse and Miles, who’d attended high school together, were now in college. They were older and a bit more experienced. Through the nature of the film festivals tight schedule, the film is rough around the edges, but that only lends to its charm; especially considering its plot of a failing toxic relationship.

Watch Here: ‘A Very Specific Recipe,’ A Short Film Starring Miles Teller


Miles Teller in ‘Sean.’

Sean is the strangest film on the list and its the only one of the three to not feature Miles Teller in the starring role. A young boy with zero social skills navigates the world until his own oddities set him on a collision course with violence. Although Mile’s role is smaller, it’s unforgettable and perfectly displays the talents that would later launch the actor into super stardom.


Watch Here: ‘Sean,’ A Short Film Featuring Miles Teller

Its fascinating to see the evolution Teller’s performance throughout the three short films and into his starring role in Top Gun: Maverick. It’s like watching Morgan Freeman in that Alka Seltzer commercial. There’s no denying that Teller had talent, even when that talent was on display in student films and school musicals.

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