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‘Your body is making my p**is smile’: Top Gun: Maverick Star Miles Teller Mega Trolls Adam Levine in Saturday Night Live, Says There’s a ‘Normal’ Way to Reply To Women

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Celebrity scandals in the entertainment industry are probably one of the most publicized and popular pieces of news that tabloids and the internet cannot stop talking about. However, it is not often that you see a scandal as embarrassing as that of Adam Levine, the Maroon 5 singer who’s been the centerpiece of one of the funniest memes of the year so far.

Levine is the victim of a leaked set of screenshots that show us…well, the charismatic singer in what the internet would describe as a “down-bad” or “cringe” state of affairs. The screenshots involve Levine speaking in a lustful tone to a popular Instagram model, and it’s brought a smile to everyone’s face except for him and his wife!

Adam Levine FandomWire
Levine signing at a concert

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Here’s Why Adam Levine Is Trending Like Crazy For The Past Few Weeks

Adam Levine definitely likes ‘girls like you’ ladies, but as some leaked screenshots show us he’s also very fond of Instagram model Sumner Stroh.

The 43-year-old singer, popularly the vocalist for Maroon 5, had his chats with the model exposed in a video that Stroh posted where she also claims to have had a fling with Levine for about a year.

Adam Levine FandomWire
Sumner Stroh

For those who do not know, Levine is currently married to Namibian model Behati Prinsloo, which makes this whole ordeal distressing for the participants but entertaining for the internet as well as for the people who despise the Begin Again star in general.

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However, these DM’s don’t indicate an affair as they’re only text messages (although flirting with others is still a huge no-no in a traditional relationship where you have to be committed). But the fire burns even brighter now as multiple women have come forward exposing Levine of flirting with them too!

There’s no response from Prinsloo’s side about her husband’s lustful adventures as of now after she was seen with the singer at The Event last Saturday night. As for Adam Levine, he has addressed the reason why he’s trending, ultimately confirming that those were indeed his texts as he says that he “crossed the line during a regrettable period in his life”.

Prinsloo and Levine are currently expecting a third baby as of now, but it’s up to the future to show us whether or not they’ll still be married to raise that baby together after all that just happened.

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Adam Levine Ridiculed By The Internet, Miles Teller Joins In On The Mockery

It’s almost been a week since we saw those cursed screenshots of Adam Levine’s flirting skills, and the internet is still coming up with new ways to make fun of Levine’s desperations. The internet ridiculing the 43-year-old singer is one thing, but when another celebrity joins in on the fun it gets spicier.

Adam Levine FandomWire
Levine and Prinsloo at an event

Top Gun: Maverick star Miles Teller has sent his regards to Levine in what one could describe as “a “hilariously fashionable joke”. Teller recently made his appearance in a Saturday Night Live skit called Send Something Normal.

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Send Something Normal is a parody of a talk show, in which Teller plays the fictional host who tests the conversational skills of a parodied Adam Levine (played by Mikey Day). Teller explains the objective of a game they play in the skit, and it’s hilarious-

“All they have to do is reply to a woman’s DM on Instagram in a way that is normal.

“Fellas, if you send a normal DM, you win $100 million.”

Mikey Day, who plays Levine, is first in line to play as he is asked to respond to a female fan’s DMs that show her expressing her love for the singer’s music. Day looks up the most liked vacation photo of the fan, and proceeds to say-

“Gonna kick things off with a ‘Holy Moooly.’ Your body is making my p**is smile.”

This is a clear jab at Levine’s “embarrassing” flirting skills, as was shown in Sumner Stroh’s viral video. Teller’s host character assesses the reply sent by Day’s parodied Levine-

“Sorry, Adam, you almost had it there.”

Day responds with an “I did?”, to which Teller exclaims a huge “No!”, sending the audience bursting with laughter.

These messages sent by Adam Levine during a pretty desperate time in his life are turning out to be quite troublesome for him now, but his wife is still with her and it seems to be all fine. We are still awaiting a response from Prinsloo, though.

Top Gun: Maverick is available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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