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‘Brits Took Batman, Bond is Ours Now’: Americans are Super Happy Miles Teller is in the Race for James Bond

Miles Teller’s grandma thinks, her grandson is perfect for the role of James Bond. And fans seem to be really fascinated by the idea. And what they enjoy the most about the idea is an American actor being cast for a British role. For those who don’t know, 007 is a British spy. Daniel Craig took his last bow in the movie, No Time to Die which came out last year, and the search to replace the actor is going on.

Fans love the idea of Miles Teller as James Bond
American fans love the idea of Miles Teller as James Bond

Amid that, Leona Flowers has pitched her grandson for the role and many have come forward to support her.

Miles Teller joins the race for James Bond

With Daniel Craig stepping down, the spot has been left empty for a younger actor to take over. Though the producer Barbara Broccoli has set that the spot is empty still. Miles Teller is an excellent actor and he has proved it to the world with his latest film, Top Gun: Maverick which has joined the Billion Dollar Club and broken a number of records this year.

Miles Teller reached a new level in Top Gun 2
Miles Teller reached a new level in Top Gun 2

The movie has also raised the status of Miles Teller as an action hero and a sex symbol. He aced his role as the second lead and the future of the franchise, Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw. He has proved his skills and might be fitting for the role. Despite being an American actor, he has been trained in accents, as shared by his grandma, and might be perfect for the role.

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Americans are happy with the idea of him as James Bond

Many fans have reacted to the tweets and posts about Miles Teller playing the famous British Spy. The idea that an American actor would play a British role makes the fans super happy. There have been a number of instances in Hollywood where British actors have bagged American roles, so why can’t it be the other way round as well.

Fans support Grandma Mup on Twitter
Fans support Grandma Mup on Twitter

A fan wrote in his reaction to the news, “The Brits took Spider-Man, Batman, Commissioner Gordon, Superman, Doctor Strange, Martin Luther King AND Malcolm X (One Night in Miami) All distinctly American roles. All we got in return was Sherlock Holmes. I mean…it’s a no for Miles Teller but BOND IS OURS NOW!! LET’S TAKE IT!!”

There have been a few positive tweets supporting “Mup” as well:



Fans are loving the idea of the Whiplash actor taking up the role. While the production is still looking, they can just add him to their list and give him a try.

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