Minecraft Mod gives Hackers FULL Control of Host’s PC – You May Want to Play the Game Vanilla for a While

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A new Minecraft Mod is catching the attention of players by opening a major vulnerability in the servers used and making their devices fully available for hackers to invade. A note from the website Tom’s Hardware has warned players with the Minecraft Malware Prevention Alliance (MMPA) that “BleedingPipe is an exploit that is being freely used, allowing full remote code execution on clients and servers running popular Minecraft mods on 1.7.10/1.12 .2 Forge”.


Minecraft players need to be more careful than usual with new Minecraft Mod that risks the security of their devices

Minecraft Mod risks player's security

The site’s team also says that other versions of the game may be at the same risk of exploitation by hackers and suggest that gamers take the warning seriously to protect their computers and laptops from a real threat.


The game modification known as BleedingPipe was first seen in March 2022, but the Minecraft Malware Prevention Alliance said that no Minecraft Mod has reached such a scale in the game’s community.

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Dogboy21, with the help of other developers, created a patcher that fixes possible open weaknesses in all known mods that were affected to help protect users. “While there are a relatively small amount of attacks targeting this vulnerability in the wild, due to the importance of the vulnerability, it is completely dangerous to play with unpatched mods currently,” according to Dogboy21 himself.


Minecraft Mod causes fear in players

The user and his team claim that the attackers have already tried (and succeeded a few times) the Microsoft access token and even stole the browser session, and being able to run any desired code on the system, the possibilities and dangers are endless.

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Dogboy21 alongside the developers are creating a frequently updated list of affected mods to let players know and protect themselves but unfortunately, they are unable to provide the “exact version ranges” for the mods and keep the list fully up to date because of continued efforts to find vulnerabilities.

In addition to Minecraft, all players need to be aware of the dangers of mods in games that have this portability, because, despite having fun due to the infinite possibility of gameplay, they also bring infinite gateways for malicious hackers who take advantage of the users’ desire and even the naivety of younger gamers, for example.

So keep your eyes open when you want to use these modifications for your entertainment and also take care of the young players you come into contact with.


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