Misty Knight Returning For ‘Iron Fist’ Season 2

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What’s better than Colleen Wing and Misty Knight beating the crap out of a bunch of guys in a bar? I’ll tell you what is, the now possibility of more scenes with these fantastic characters.


Misty Knight (Simone Missick) will indeed be returning to kick butt with Colleen Wing in Iron Fist season two! Other confirmed returning characters include Sacha Dawan as Davos, Jessica Henwick as Colleen Wing Tom Pelphrey as Ward Meachum and Jessica Stroup as Joy Meachum. In addition to these returning characters Alicia Eve has also signed on for season two in an undisclosed role.

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Due to the “Not so Hot” reception from the first season, showrunner Scott Buck will not be returning. Taking his place will be head writer of Sleepy Hollow, Raven Metzner. We here are excited to give this show another shot, especially after watching the more palatable take on Danny Rand in Luke Cage season two.


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