‘Money doesn’t change anybody. Money reveals them’: Johnny Depp Said He Never Gave a Damn About Money, Still Remembers He Used To Pump Gas For a Living

Johnny Depp Said He Never Gave a Damn About Money
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Johnny Depp has come a long way from being a renowned actor to being a misunderstood one, battling with both the eye of the media and the image that Amber Heard had set for him. He has finally proven to the world his innocence and with it, also showed just how down-to-earth he is.

Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp

In his defamation trial versus Amber Heard, the actor won a big sum of money, but looking back at his mentors and what he learned in his journey; Depp chooses not to get overconfident with it.

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Johnny Depp Talks About Being Down-To-Earth And Sticking To His Roots

In an old interview, Johnny Depp reminisced about the days he used to pump gas and print t-shirts for a living, even selling ink pens, finding whatever he could do to earn some money to survive. He furthermore stated how an old colleague of his changed his entire perception of success and money. His notion was that money and success were not something that could change an individual, but rather it could reveal who they truly are.

Johnny Depp

The actor still sees himself as the same man who was working as a mechanic one minute and pumped gas the second, struggling through and through to survive. He stated that his date is the same man and that no amount of money could ever make him forget how far he’s come. So much so that he sees acting as just another peculiar job added to his resume. Life has not been easy for Johnny Depp and he does not let his powerful success ever change or even minutely influence the kind of person he is. He chooses to live life at its fullest and purest, without ever letting money and success overthrow his happiness.

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Johnny Depp Reminisced Through All The Teachings And What He Learned To Make Himself A Better Person

The Pirates Of The Caribbean actor believes that nothing in life is permanent. Nothing is guaranteed and there is no reassurance of what could happen at any moment in one’s life. With this philosophy in mind, Depp chooses to live every moment of his life with as much passion and charisma as he can. He opts to give importance to the people and things that are valuable to him, making sure he spends as much time with them as he possibly can.

Johnny Depp

He even elaborated on how people can sometimes get so focused on their past and fret about their future, that they forget to live in the present. The present becomes a moment that slips away and turns into a regret of the past. This makes him want to stay aware more during the present rather than think about the past or the future.

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