Moon Knight Cast Share Bittersweet Reaction To Season 2 Rumors

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After the season 1 finale of Marvel Studios’ latest Disney+ series Moon Knight, things are getting pretty heated up as fans want to know about the second season and why is there no news of it?

Oscar Isaac
Oscar Isaac from Moon Knight

MCU fans are pretty aware that Marvel often surprises their fans by giving hints about the upcoming events but with Moon Knight, the situation is a bit variant.

“There are no official plans for a follow-up,” Oscar says.

Oscar Isaac remarks on Season 2
Oscar Isaac remarks on Season 2

Reportedly, Marvel only contracted American actor Oscar Isaac for only one season. In a recent interview from the trusted source, the actor himself confirmed that there were no plans yet to continue Marc and Steven’s story in a second season.


Even though, Issac’s confirmation about him being contracted for season 1 doesn’t mean that season 2 might not happen. Despite the lack of solid sequel plans, Isaac asserted that he was open to playing the role again, noting that he’d had a very positive experience making the six-part series.

“That being said, I love being Steven,” he said. “I just love it. It’s just like, physically, it’s so much fun to be him.“So, you know, if there was a story that made sense, I’d be happy to be part of it,” he added.

Issac’s fellow Cast would be happy to be a part of Season 2

Moon Knight Cast
Moon Knight Cast on Season 2

Even though there’s no official statement, Isaac’s castmates shared the same sentiments, with both Ethan Hawke (Arthur Harrow) and May Calamawy (Layla El-Faouly) confirming that they haven’t heard anything about season 2 as there’s no official information released but would love to join in the sequel of Disney+ Moon Knight series.


I’ve not heard anything,” Calamawy said. “So if there [are plans], I’m yet to hear. If there were, I would, yeah, I’d consider returning. Of course.”

Hawke added, “Do you want to play the same character for long periods? Most actors don’t. But if you’re making audiences happy, your opinion changes.”

Being one of the limited series by Marvel, we know that there are no plans to continue the story. However, the cast would love to be a part of the sequel if they get an opportunity to explore their characters in detail.


Despite confirmation that Moon Knight Season 2 isn’t officially in development, many fans believe that Marc Spector and his alters will show up in MCU. Moon Knight‘s Director Mohamed Diab knows that the hero has a long and prosperous career ahead of him in the ever-growing cinematic universe.

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