Moon Knight: Did Marc Lose His Powers In Season Finale

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Disney+ completed the first season of Moon Knight with the streaming of the 6th Episode of the series. The season finale was awesome! The fight sequences, the story, the magnificent Egyptian Gods dueling it out, it was the perfect ending to a great show.


Marc Spector and Steven Grant wanted to be freed from the role of Avatar to Khonshu, the Moon God. Khonshu gave his word to them. Did he keep it? Did Marc lose his powers at last? There was a surprising and disturbing twist at the end of the episode. We explore it in this article. Let us know your opinion of the series Moon Knight and the final episode in the comments section below.#

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Highlights of The Season Finale

Did marc lose his powers in the final episode of moon Knight
A Picture of The Fist of Khonshu

Marc Spector showed his undying loyalty to, and affection for, Steven Grant by turning back to the Duat from the Field of Reeds. It was heartwarming and made the central character even more endearing. Layla was a total badass when she fought with the goons of Harrow. But one of the most awe-inspiring moments from the entire season has to be the huge gods, Ammit and Khonshu, fighting in the Egyptian night. Their awesome appearance was a treat to watch!

Nevertheless, the most shocking and thrilling sequence of the final episode has to be the post-credit scene. It was relatively short but very impactful. It is also hugely consequential for Marc Spector/Steven Grant going forwards.

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Did Mark Lose His Powers in Episode 6 of Moon Knight?

Did marc lose his powers in the final episode of moon Knight
Oscar Isaac as Marc Spector

We know that Marc Spector/ Steven Grant wanted to be freed from their servitude to Khonshu. The Moon God did go, as far as giving his word to them, to this effect. Khonshu is a deity, The Egyptian God of the Moon, he would surely keep his word, right? Wrong! It turns out the diety took advantage of the mental illness of Marc Spector and continued to keep him as his avatar. Marck Spector/ Steven Grant’s third personality, Jake Lockley is revealed. Lockley shoots Harrow at the behest of the God. This means the three personalities existing in a single body are still the avatar of Khonshu. Marc still is his servant and retains his powers. Ouch!

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Where to Stream Moon Knight?

Did marc lose his powers in the final episode of moon Knight
A Poster of The Disney+ Show

All six episodes of Moon Knight, including the season finale can be streamed on Disney+. Each episode is around 40-50 minutes long.


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