Will Moon Knight Get Season 2 or a Movie?

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Disney+ series’ Moon Knight took the Marvel Cinematic Universe to an emotional place many fans didn’t think was possible.

Moon Knight
Field of Reeds from episode 5 of Moon Knight

With the twists and turns in previous episodes of Marvel’s Moon Knight, the franchise has proven that it can still surprise fans despite the mountains of content it has produced. As the final episode is yet to come on May 4th, many fans are starting to get curious about what is in store for Marc Spector’s future in the MCU.

Series director Mohamed Diab and his team have produced strong episodes with fewer fillers in comparison to previous MCU shows. Due to that, the final episode is reportedly the shortest of the season. But that doesn’t mean that our hero’s journey ended. Oscar Isaac will certainly return to the MCU, but now that fans are familiar with the character, will Moon Knight be getting a second season, a movie, or a collaboration like a Midnight Sons adaptation?


Moon Knight’s similarity with other MCU shows?

Moon Knight
Marc Spector as Moon Knight

As of now, the only confirmed Disney+ series for a second season are Loki and What If…?.

It makes sense since the other shows were made more like limited series rather than actual multi-season shows. In comparison to Loki, series like Falcon and the Winter Soldier and WandaVision were ended shortly and planned the characters for feature films instead of providing seasons.

It seems that Moon Knight is on the same path with Episode 5, titled “Asylum,” which leads to the conclusion of the game that is being carried out between Marc and cult leader Arthur Harrow.


Marvel Studios‘ Kevin Feige has compared Moon Knight to WandaVision, saying that the two series are similar as both the lead characters make the audience connect to their experiences and create an emotional bonding. So, in turn, Marc’s arc must land in a similar place to Wanda’s in the sixth and final episode of the season.

What’s the future of Moon Knight in MCU?

Moon Knight
Official Poster of Moon Knight

While audiences loved the action seen in Moon Knight, there is certainly room to grow and if Moon Knight gets MCU movie-sized budget, it will gonna be on another level.

While it’s not yet confirmed that Moon Knight be getting a season 2 or a movie, fans are looking forward to the final episode. Not only that they would love to see Marc and Layla’s chemistry along with their other globe-trotting adventure. With things getting heated, fans would love to see the character growing up.




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