Moon Knight Episode 5: Fans React To Marc’s Super Emotional Backstory

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The Moon Knight series has had some mind-bending episodes. But the recent episode, Moon Knight episode 5, titled Asylum was an emotional rollercoaster. Thrilling as ever, the latest episode had a few scenes that made the fans grab a box of tissues. With the episode, MCU explores deeper into the complex minds of Marc and Steven. As they travel through each other’s memories.


The episode started with the cliffhanger of episode 4. The hippopotamus at the end of the last episode was Tawaret. She is the Egyptian Goddess of Women and Children. Also, she is the one guiding them in their journey to the afterlife.

The Backstory of Marc Spector is revealed in Moon Knight episode 5

Moon Knight episode 5 is an emotional rollarcoaster
Moon Knight episode 5 is an emotional rollercoaster

Episode 5 takes the viewers down the memories of Marc Spector. The personalities, Marc Spector and Steven Grant have to reveal to each other their memories to balance the scales. Their hearts should balance with the Feather of Maat. On the journey, the reason why Marc suffers from the dissociative Identity disorder.

Reason behind Marc's DID revealed in Moon Knight episode 5
The reason behind Marc’s Dissociative Identity Disorder revealed

While the scales would decide where the souls would end up, in the Field of Reeds or be thrown in Duat. The two go through the scarring memories of Marc’s childhood. In the memories, Steven finds a child. He follows the child who leads him to Marc’s childhood.

The story reveals how his brother died by drowning in the cave they played in. So, his mother ends up blaming him for his brother’s death and starts abusing him. In an attempt to escape his harsh reality, he created an alter-ego, Steven Grant. But if that wasn’t enough, Steven Grant is shown to fall off the boat and turn into a sand statue. And Marc reaches alone in the Field of Reeds.

Fans get emotional watching Moon Knight Episode 5

The backstory and the death of Steven Grant move the fans to tears and they have taken Twitter to explain how heartbreaking it was to watch. One of the fans titled Marc Spector’s parents the worst parents ever. Other fans tweeted crying stickers and memes about how the backstory broke their heart. Some of the fans even called the episode the masterpiece of storytelling.

Marc Spector's backstory in Moon Knight makes the fans cry
Marc Spector’s backstory in Moon Knight makes the fans cry

But let’s expect the makers did not really kill off Steven Grant. As Oscar Isaac said that we would see integration in the end so killing characters could not lead to that. And we are yet to see Jake Lockley. The ending of episode five was complex and fans await the finale.

The finale will air next Wednesday, May 4, on Disney+.

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