How Moon Knight’s Latest Episode Sets Up Marc’s Third Personality

Moon Knight latest episode sets up Jake Lockley
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Warning: The following article contains spoilers for Moon Knight episode 5


After an explosive episode last week, Moon Knight has returned with another bombastic episode this week. The fifth episode titled Asylum was another comic book treat with its myriad of references to Jeff Lemire’s iconic storyline. Though the series has taken its fair share of creative liberties while adapting the source material, it cannot be denied that the latest episode has been a delight. As the series nears its end, the fifth episode of Moon Knight once again sets up Marc Spector’s third personality.

Since the series’ inception, fans have been wondering about Marc Spector’s third personality. Though the series has predominantly focused on Steven Grant, it has been surprisingly quiet about Jake Lockley. While fans have picked up a few clues regarding Lockley’s existence, it has never been officially confirmed so far. But in a surprising twist, the latest episode brilliantly sets up Jake Lockley to save Steven Grant.

Moon Knight fifth episode sets up Jake Lockely
Marc Spector turns into Moon Knight

Who is Marc Spector’s Third Personality in Moon Knight?

In the comics, Marc Spector suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). As a result, he struggles with multiple personalities that take control of his physical body. While Marc Spector is usually the one who is mostly in control and summons the suit, he has a millionaire-playboy persona of Steven Grant (altered in the show) and a cunning cab driver named Jake Lockley. Inspired by Bruce Wayne’s secret identity of Matches Malone, Jake Lockley is a cab driver who keeps a tab on street-level criminals.

Moon Knight latest episode sets up Jake Lockley
Jake Lockley

A much different character from both Marc Spector and Steven Grant, Jake Lockley is a cunning and dangerous identity created to infiltrate the sinister underworld that aids Moon Knight in fighting criminals. But surprisingly, this persona has never been explicitly shown in the series so far.

How does the Latest Episode of Moon Knight Set Up Jake Lockley?

In the latest episode titled Asylum, Marc and Steven find themselves in a mysterious mental asylum. However, the asylum is then revealed by Tawaret to be her boat, sailing through the Duat, the Egyptian underworld. As it was established earlier that Marc Spector was actually killed by Arthur Harrow in the fourth episode, the fate of both Marc and Steven now depends on the Scales of Justice. If their hearts weigh the same as the feather of Maat, then they would be sent to the Field of Reeds, the Egyptian Paradise. Else, they would be consumed by the underworld.

Moon Knight Episode 5 Sets Up Jake Lockley
Tawaret, the Egyptian Goddess of Childbirth and Fertility

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During their course of events, Steven explores Marc’s suppressed traumatic memories, resulting in realizing that he was always a figment of imagination Marc created to deal with his trauma. Eventually, both of them reconcile after witnessing how Khonshu manipulated Marc to become his avatar, that almost led to the Scales of Judgement getting balanced. However, Tawaret’s boat starts getting attacked by the undead as they travel towards the Gates of Osiris to return to the mortal plane. Unfortunately, Steven falls off the boat during the ensuing fight, and is consumed by the Duat. However, with Steven gone, the Scales balance perfectly, leading Marc to the Field of Reeds.

Moon Knight Episode Asylum Teases Jake Lockley
Marc Spector in the Field of Reeds

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Though Steven might be gone, it is highly unlikely that Marc Spector will decide to stay in paradise with the entire world at stake. Moreover, his recent friendship with Steven is another factor that will compel Marc to find a way to save Steven. While all may seem lost now, that’s where Jake Lockley comes in to save the day.

How Jake Lockley Can Save Steven Grant In The Season Finale?

After Steven’s apparent death in the latest episode, the Scales of Justice were balanced, leading Marc to the Field of Reeds. But considering Spector’s persona, it is most likely that he will try to find a way to return to the mortal plane. In order to achieve that, he first needs to break the equilibrium of the Scales of Justice. The easiest way to do that for Marc is by summoning his third persona; Jake Lockley.

In the fourth episode titled The Tomb, both Steven and Marc had witnessed a mysterious sarcophagus in the asylum. While fans were expecting that the mysterious tomb would be unveiled, the latest episode did not reveal the mystery. However, it is highly likely that the sarcophagus houses Jake Lockley, the third persona of Marc Spector.

The Red Sarcophagus contains Jake Lockley
Red Sarcophagus in Episode 4, The Tomb

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With Lockley’s help, Marc Spector can once again return to the Duat to save Steven, and possibly return to the mortal plane to stop Arthur Harrow for good. After weeks of speculation, the season finale of Moon Knight can be the perfect setup for Marc Spector’s mysterious third persona.

Moon Knight will return for its final episode on May 4, 2022, exclusively on Disney+.


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