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Moon Knight Season Finale: Actor Ethan Hawke Reveals Huge Plot Detail

Moon Knight fans are aware that the protagonist of the show has alter-egos. Ethan Hawke, the actor who plays Arthur Harrow on the show, has teased that all of the alters will merge in the finale. Arthur Harrow is a villainous character in the series. With only two more episodes left till the finale, this information is proof that something big can happen in the upcoming episodes of the series. So far the series has released four episodes and is doing well.

Ethan Hawke reveals plot detail of Moon Knight

Moon Knight Episode 4 ends in a cliffhanger
Moon Knight Episode 4 ends in a cliffhanger

The protagonist of Moon Knight, Stevens has Dissociative Identity Disorder. So far, only two of his personalities have been revealed in the show. One of them is Steven Grant, who works at a London gift shop. While the other is Marc Spector, who is a mercenary. The two play a vital role in stopping Arthur Harrow from summoning the Egyptian God, Ammit. But they need to find a way to work together. The cliffhanger at the end of the episode has left the fans confused and excited for what’s coming next.

Ethan Hawke reveals huge Moon Knight plot detail
Ethan Hawke reveals huge Moon Knight plot detail

But all thanks to Ethan Hawke, we now have some idea about what to expect. In an interview with The Wrap, he revealed some plot details about the Moon Knight. He said, “And what the rest of the journey — his journey is to integrate all his selves into one, and as he integrates it, reality itself gets clearer. So things will be made clear, but just not yet.”

Moon Knight’s upcoming episodes will be more exciting

The co-director, Aaron Moorhead has promised more exciting episodes after the surprising twists of episode 4.  In fact, this could mean that the cliffhanger of episode 4 will bring more twists to the plot. It would explain whether the two alters really met or Marc is just imagining it. Though the second one is how it once happened in the comics, the way MCU deals with the character can be different.

Moon Knight's upcoming episodes will be far more exciting
Moon Knight’s upcoming episodes will be far more exciting

Though the series has only included two personalities so far, there is a chance that a third can be introduced. And it can be Jake Lockley, based on the comics. But the show hasn’t shown him yet. If they are really going to, he will come really soon as there are only two episodes left in the show. Though the show will end soon, Moon Knight will remain a part of MCU. And if they do merge the personalities, it would be exciting to watch how the studio deals with the character. Especially when he joins a bigger franchise.

Source: The Wrap

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