Moon Knight Episode 4: Insane Mental Asylum Twist, Explained

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We know you’ve heard about Moon Knight Episode 4 insane mental asylum twist. Which the co-director Justin Benson describes as a “major turning point in the plot“. Moon Knight episodes 1-3 exposed fans to the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s next hero, Moon Knight.


The opening 35 minutes of Moon Knight episode 4 maintained the same vibe as the past 3 weeks. However, the concluding 15 minutes, presented a fresh new setting and premise for the miniseries to explore in its remaining two episodes. The twist of Moon Knight episode 4, is that Marc Spector is a patient in a psychiatric asylum. That will undoubtedly leave viewers with more lingering questions.

Marc Spector in Mental Asylum in Moon Knight episode 4
Marc Spector in the Mental Asylum

Is the Mental Asylum in Moon Knight Episode 4 Real?

Moon Knight episode four begins, wherein Konshu gets trapped in stone due to his night sky tampering. Though one of the more visually exciting moments in the show. Following Marc’s takeover of the corpse, he attacks Harrow’s men who approach him. Emoting Arthur to shoot Marc repeatedly 2 times in the chest which we can notice clearly in the Moon knight trailer at the end. 


Marc awakes in a haunting white asylum, where he meets Layla, a patient, and Arthur, his psychiatrist, as he vanishes. Several other figures, such as Donna from the gift shop, also play the role of patients.

Marc discovers his alter-ego Steven confined in a coffin and releases him in an endeavor to leave the asylum. After attending a session with Ethan Hawke’s doctor, who tries to assure him he’s mad. Another tomb is visible but not uncovered, implying Marc Spector’s third ego, Jake Lockley, as from comics.

Marc’s Insane Mental Asylum

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In the Moon Knight episode 4 final scene, Marc and Steven run into the Egyptian goddess Taweret, which noticeably startles them. Some hypothesize that Marc is presently in a coma following just getting shot. While others have theorized that Marc and Steven’s journey with Layla was all a dream. 

So, what can we expect from Moon Knight’s last two episodes? Episodes five and six are vow to wreck your mind,” according to executive producer Grant. “It’s a whole universe of Moon Knight’s past that you won’t be able to see in the final two episodes that you simply wouldn’t see in the first four”. Fans of the comics who are familiar with his background will be ecstatic.


Moon Knight will return for its fifth episode on April 27, 2022, exclusively on Disney+.


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