Why Moon Knight Works Better Because It’s Outside MCU

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Moon Knight is one of the best shows streaming on Disney+ right now. It follows the adventures of Steven Grant and Mark Spector, two personalities existing within the same body. They are the avatar of the Moon God, Khonshu, and do his bidding. The show has been received positively and is the talk of the town nowadays.


Now, an interesting thing about the show is that although it is a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), it exists almost independently, without much influence of it. This happens to work in its favor and does a great deal in making the show enjoyable. We take a closer look at these reasons in this article. What is your opinion on the matter? Do share your opinion in the comments section below.

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Moon Knight Ignores the MCU

Why working outside the mcu is better for moon knight
Moon Knight’s Poster

Moon Knight is quite different from other MCU shows, and as we would discuss later, this works wonders for it. The setting of the show is in the City of London and Egypt. This is a much-needed breath of fresh air. Most other MCU shows and films take place in New York City or a similar modern metropolis. Further, this series isn’t burdened by an excessive number of easter eggs and references. It maintains a steady focus on the story. Finally, the characters in the show are new and original too.

These departures from other MCU shows give Moon Knight its shine. They make this show unique and interesting to watch. Next, we take a look at a few reasons why Moon Knight works better without many MCU links.

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1. Too Much Reliance on Infinity Saga Links Doesn’t Work

Why working outside the mcu is better for moon knight
Various Characters of The MCU

Most other MCU-Disney+ shows are heavily influenced by the infinity saga. The infinity saga refers to the productions from the first three phases of the MCU. This show has little to none in connection with it. It helps it form an independent identity outside the MCU. Things work much better this way.

2. It’s Better For The Characters of Moon Knight

Why working outside the mcu is better for moon knight
Oscar Isaac Plays the lead role in the Disney+ Series

Unlike many other protagonists from the MCU, this show is the first time the lead, Marc Spector/ Moon Knight, is appearing on-screen. The episodes take time to explore his character and early story. This lays a strong foundation for the identity of the titular hero.

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3. Unshackled From MCU Ties, Moon Knight’s Future is More Exciting!

Why working outside the mcu is better for moon knight
Moon Knight’s Poster

Unshackled from heavy MCU influence, the makers have the ability to take the story where they want. They have a free hand to be creative with the characters. The future of the characters and the story is anyone’s guess. This makes the show exciting and fun to watch.

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The Show airs on the streaming service Disney+.


Season 1 of the show would have 6 episodes. Each episode is 40-50 minutes long.

New episodes are released every Wednesday.

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