Brilliant Moon Knight Episode 1 Detail Foreshadowed the Wild Episode 5 Ending

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With Moon Knight coming to its end, episode 5 of this show revealed the latest twist that happened to Oscar Isaac’s Marc and Steven.

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Marc Spector Moon Knight

The major shocking thing that shocked everyone was the trivial detail from Moon Knight episode 1 that foreshadowed episode 5’s ending.

Quick Recap of Episode 5 [Spoiler]

Moon Knight Episode 5
Goddess Taweret in Moon Knight Episode 5

Episode 5 revolves around Steven and Marc, in a bid to balance their scales of hearts against the feather of truth before their journey through the Duat comes to an end.


The two alters had to explore their memories to seek the truth and balance those scales. Despite moving away from the themes that dealt with in previous Moon Knight episodes, episode 5 revealed the reasoning behind many unexplained situations between what Marc knew and what Steven was familiar with, letting the truth of Marc’s story come to light for both alters and the viewers.

After meeting goddess Taweret, Steven easily figured out that he and Marc had died because Harrow shot Marc in episode 4.

The souls will only be balanced if Steven and Marc start being honest with each other. In case, they keep things from each other, they would have been captured by the unbalanced souls of the Duat that could drag them down from Taweret’s ship.


Which Part of Episode 5 is connected to Episode 1?

Steven in Episode 5
Steven in the Field of Reeds

In the beginning of Moon Knight, episode 1 opens with Steven’s life as it was disrupted both by Khonshu and Arthur Harrow.

Amidst all these, it also included a seemingly harmless sentence that actually gives the biggest spoiler in episode 5. Obviously no one really took it seriously until episode 5 came out.

Moon Knight episode 5’s shocking ending that saw Steven frozen to death in the sand of the Duat was actually foreshadowed by a conversation in Moon Knight episode 1.


In episode we see Steven walking towards a little girl at the museum, scolding her for putting garbage in a replica of the pyramid of Giza and then explaining to her ancient Egypt’s beliefs and funerary practices.

Steven told her about how hearts needed to be balanced before being let into the Field of Reeds, and to that she replies by asking him, “And did it suck for you? Getting rejected from the Field of Reeds?” much to Steven’s confusion at the time.

While the question sounded like a taunt in episode 1, as the Moon Knight episode 5 aired, it became a tragic truth which actually shocked both Steven and the viewers. Despite ending up in the sand of the Duat to save Marc from the dead rather than getting rejected because of an unbalanced soul, Steven still met his end in the underworld by getting frozen forever.


With Steven meeting his end, Marc will be the one continuing his journey to the Field of Reeds. Though we’re unclear about episode 6, we know for sure that Marc will definitely gonna miss Steven.



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