Moon Knight Episode 5: How Does Marc Have 2 Souls in Duat

Moon Knight episode 5 has been one of the best episodes so far. It was one of the most insightful and informative ones. Episode 5, titled, ‘Asylum’ gave us a peek into Marc’s life and the troubles tormenting him.

This penultimate episode followed Marc/Steven’s journey through the Duat. What is the Duat? And how did Spector have 2 souls there? We answer these questions in this article. What is your opinion on this second last episode of Moon Knight? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Recap of Moon Knight Episode 5

How does marc have 2 souls in Duat
A Still from Episode 5 of Moon Knight

After being shot by Arthur Harrow, Marc Spector/Steven Grant reach Duat where they were guided by the goddess, Tawaret. The deity with the head of a hippopotamus. Their hearts are weighed there and are found to be out of balance. If they are not balanced, they would be lost forever. To avoid this fate, and to reach the Field of Reeds, they go on a journey of self-reflection.

This is where we see all the trauma and tragic backstory of Marc Spector. The childhood death of his young brother, and his mother’s resentment towards him. Spector’s mother blamed him for his brother’s demise. Later, Steven learns his origin. The young Marc Spector made up Steven Grant in his mind to cope with all the stress and abuse his mother meted out to him. They reach the gates of Osiris and as the scales are still unbalanced, they are attacked by unbalanced souls. They fight them, but in this conflict, Steven goes overboard and freezes in the sand. The scales balance and Marc finds himself in the Field of Reeds.

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What is Duat?

How does marc have 2 souls in Duat
Marc Spector in Episode 5 of Moon Knight

Ancient Egyptian mythology holds that Duat is the realm of the dead. It is here that souls go to be judged. Duat is ruled by the Egyptian God of the Dead, Osiris. The hearts of the souls are measured to see if they are balanced or not. Balance is required to get to the Field of Reeds.

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How Does Marc Spector Have 2 Souls in Duat?

How does marc have 2 souls in Duat
Marc Spector and Steven Grant in Episode 5

Now, Marc Spector and Steven Grant are one and the same person. So how did they have two souls in Duat? They didn’t. Marc has a single soul. When the Goddess Taweret got those hearts out of the two, they were two halves of a single soul, belonging to Marc Spector. Since Marc has not had closure with his past, Steven still exists.

Steven is nothing but Marc’s stress ball, an escape, where all his pain and trauma are dumped. This is a sin that keeps the scales from balancing. Once Steven is gone, and Marc is left to deal with his pain by himself, the scales balance themselves.

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Moon Knight: Where and When to Catch the Last Episode

The Show airs on the streaming service Disney+.

Season 1 of the show would have 6 episodes. Each episode is 40-50 minutes long.

New episodes are released every Wednesday. Moon Knight’s final episode of the season would release on May 4, 2022, exclusively on Disney+.

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