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Moon Knight Reveals Black Panther Style Ancestral Plane, But It’s Much More Terrifying

Moon Knight reveals that there is an ancestral plane too. In the latest comic book preview, Marc Spector discovers the ancestral plane reserved for Khonshu’s fist of Justice. But this one is nothing like the one we saw in Black Panther. In Black Panther, Djalia is a place where the souls of the previous Black Panthers reside and a sacred space of peace with the collective memory of Wakanda. But the Moon Knight version is terrifying. And traveling through this new realm shown by Khonshu has revealed to Marc Spector his fate after he dies.

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Moon Knight comic preview reveals an ancestral plane

Moon Knight 12 preview shows a Moon Knight ancestral plane
Moon Knight #12 preview shows a Moon Knight ancestral plane

Written by Jed MacKay and Alessandro Cappuccio, the hero has been facing new enemies known as the Zodiac. He and his allies are having a tough time beating the latest enemy group. And they too have summoned allies to help them succeed. One of these enemy allies distracts Marc, which gives Zodiac the chance to attack the village and Midnight Mission. Despite knowing better, Marc decides to Pray to Khonshu to guide him. He grants Marc and his partner, Tigra a passage through God’s realm so that they can make it back to the mission in time.

Marc Spector discovers an ancestral plane
Marc Spector discovers an ancestral plane

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In the preview of Moon Knight #12, we see the two run through God’s passage as fast as they can. On their way, they are trying to fight off the spirits of the previous fists of Justice, who are trying to stop them from invading their realm. Now, an ancestral plane belonging just to Khonshu’s avatars is new information to Marc.

Moon Knight’s ancestral plane is nothing like Black Panther’s

Revealing an ancestral plane right when the final showdown between the Zodiac and our hero is close, is a huge twist to the plot. Also, Khonshu had never shared the information about such a realm existing must have been a shock to Marc Spector. Is this where he is going to end up if he dies serving Khonshu? In Black Panther, an ancestral plane is a peaceful place where the ancestor rest. But the Moon Knight version looks like a monstrous place where the ancestor is still defending Khonshu’s realm from intruders who try to disrupt their eternal sleep.

The ancestral plane is nothing like the one in Black Panther
The ancestral plane is nothing like the one in Black Panther

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The number of previous avatars who tried to throw out Marc and Tigra was enough to hint that this fate is inevitable for Marc as well. Also, he does not get a say in it because he has served the Moon God for years now.

The full version of Moon Knight #12 comes out on June 22.

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