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‘They Just Never Took Us Seriously’: How Disney Ridiculed Grant Morrison for Moon Knight Film Idea

The legendary comic-book titan, Grant Morrison, had been in the game long before the current visionary and President of the Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige. Their work was known to revolutionize the comic-book world because of their non-linear and countercultural take on several DC and Marvel comics.

Grant Morrison
Grant Morrison

The Eisner award-winning creator has worked on implementing their nonlinear narrative, humanist philosophy, and countercultural leanings in works such as DC’s Animal Man, Doom Patrol, All-Star Superman, Batman, The Invisibles, We3, JLA, The Filth, and Flex Mentalloand Marvel’s New X-Men.

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Grant Morrison’s Doctor Strange and Moon Knight Pitch

The Marvel Cinematic Universe began breathing life into its characters ever since Kevin Feige took control as President of Marvel Studios in 2007. Since then, his vision for the universe started with a clear, charted path beginning with Iron Man in 2008 toward a culmination of the multi-superhero storyline with Infinity Saga in 2019.

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Kevin Feige
Kevin Feige, Marvel Studios President

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However, before Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige became an unstoppable duo, the studio existed as a subsidiary of Marvel Entertainment having been founded in 1993. During a brief moment, Grant Morrison had attempted to bring to the screens the now box-office favorite Doctor Strange and Disney+ series Moon Knight as solo films.

“Way back at the start, before even [current president] Kevin Feige was involved — I knew those guys back then — and I pitched Dr. Strange, and I pitched them Moon Knight. But they just never took us seriously because we were comic-book guys. It was just always, ‘We need to get our own people to do this.’

They’ve got the formula now, and it really works well, but back then, it was very much, ‘Hollywood people should be doing this stuff, not you freaky comic guys.’ But you know, that never stopped them from stealing our stuff. They’re quite happy to put their hands in our pockets for whatever they needed to! I had a great Doctor Strange pitch, but obviously, they went their own way.”

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The Future of MCU’s Doctor Strange and Moon Knight

Doctor Strange became a part of the MCU in 2016 with Benedict Cumberbatch’s solo movie. Feige’s vision carefully placed every piece of the puzzle so that the framework of the first 3 phases stood as a neat, chronological, strategically placed masterpiece. With Strange playing an integral part in determining Thanos and Iron Man’s fate in Endgame, and currently bringing order to the multiversal Phase 4, it now makes sense why he wasn’t introduced earlier into the mix.

Doctor strange 2
Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

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As Phase 4 takes over, Feige has clearly started pacing in a new direction, curated with more diversity and culture. Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight clearly takes place within the multiversal post-Thanos world as a stand-alone project. However, the introduction of Egyptian gods and mythology also works brilliantly with Feige’s plans if “Thor: Love and Thunder” is looking to bring in gods from the Moon Knight timeline as well.

Source: Rolling Stone

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