Moon Knight Episode 5: Who Plays Marc’s Brother

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On April 27th, 2022, Moon Knight Episode 5 debuted on Disney+. The episode, titled Asylum, picks up where last week’s shocking cliffhanger left us, with Marc Spector and Steven Grant finding themselves in the underworld after their tragic meeting with Arthur Harrow. Steven discovers via Marc’s memories that he was involved in the unintentional death of his younger brother Randall Spector. Let’s take a closer look at this:


Marc Spector’s brother Randall Spector in Moon Knight:

Moon Knight episode 5: Asylum.
Moon Knight episode 5: Asylum.

When Randall and Marc were young, the two had a tight friendship, but Randall was usually beaten by his older brother in every contest. As a result, he harbored a grudge against Marc. The most recent episode of Moon Knight took us back to Marc’s past, where we witnessed his family crumble following the death of his brother Randall Spector. Marc’s mother was the one who blamed him for the disaster. Thus,  Marc invented Steven to help him escape the tragedy of his mother’s violence and to live a joyful and ideal life.

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Randall Spector in the Marvel Comics:

Shadow Knight in the Moon Knight comics.
Randall Spector/Shadow Knight in the comics.

Marc’s brother, Randall, did not die as a child in the comics. Instead, the two brothers were brought up together and chose to join the Mercenaries, where Randall served alongside the opponents. He also assassinated a woman with a connection to Marc. Marc went on the hunt for Randall after discovering this and threw a grenade at him. Randall, on the other hand, escaped the onslaught. Following his recovery, he joined a band of rebels and was subsequently changed into Shadow Knight. The therapies gave him extraordinary strength and endurance. Later, the deranged supervillain assumed the identity of an impostor who preyed on nurses. Thus, in the Marvel comics, Randall is the polar opposite of Marc. Of course, the MCU is far from replicating the comic book’s plot, so if Shadow Knight comes into the universe, we may see a different dynamic of him.

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Who plays Randall Spector in Moon Knight:

Young Randall and Marc Spector in Moon Knight.
Young Randall and Marc Spector.

Claudio Fabian Contreras plays Marc’s younger brother Randall Spector in Moon Knight, which is his first television appearance. Claudio will star in the short film Um 7mar, which will be released later this year. He also played himself in the 2017 short drama ‘I Dare.’


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