Moon Knight Theory is the Saddest Reason Oscar Isaac’s Marc Spector Created His Deadliest Split Persona

The third personality was revealed at the end of Moon Knight Season 1.

Moon Knight Theory is the Saddest Reason Oscar Isaac's Marc Spector Created His Deadliest Split Persona


  • A Moon Knight theory has revealed how Jake Lockley might have come to exist, just as Steve had to protect Marc from an abusive parent.
  • Jake Lockley could have become a part of the system when Marc was at war, a personality that protected Marc in times of violent and high stress.
  • Lockley is yet to debut his Moon Knight costume, whose multiple versions exist in the comics.
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Moon Knight has been lauded as one of the most authentic representations of dissociative identity disorder, which causes a system like that of Marc, Steven and Jake to exist in a single human body. While it is known that the Steven Grant identity was made to cope with the trauma of Marc’s abusive mother, it is still not clear where the Jake Lockley identity comes from. A theory suggests that this could be a manifestation of another illness that Marc Spectre could be dealing with.

Oscar Isaac in Moon Knight
Oscar Isaac in Moon Knight

Moon Knight has multiple personalities that have held a multitude of jobs. But Marc Specter, a major part of the system, has served as a soldier and mercenary. This could have had the character develop some issues, causing him to manifest the Jake Lockley personality, specifically to tackle one particular issue: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

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Jake Lockley protected Marc Spectre during violent encounters

Oscar Isaac as Steven Grant in Moon Knight
Oscar Isaac in Moon Knight

Throughout the show, we see both Steven and Marc black out and then wake up surrounded by their enemies, wounded or dead. More than once we have seen Jake Lockley take out multiple armed assailants all by himself, even overpowering Harrow at his peak. The Lockley personality has always come to the rescue of the other two in high-tension situations, not appearing otherwise at all.

There is also the fact that  Jake Lockley is a more violent personality, perhaps created during the many missions that Marc found himself on. Lockley could have taken over during high-anxiety situations, just like in the show, to protect Marc in an overtly hostile environment, just as Steven Grant helps out Marc in a non-violent high-stress situation.

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We are yet to see Jake Lockley’s Moon Knight Suit

Jake Lockley
Jake Lockley

While it is not so in the comics, we know that the Moon Knight streaming series has adopted a unique way of communicating which personality inhabits the body by changing the suit that the hero wears. Mr. Knight wears a white three-piece suit, Mar wears the classic Moon Knight suit, and Lockley has not shown his suit so far.

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There are other suits that Marc has had in the comics, which could be the basis for Jake Lockley’s suit, which he could use to devastating effect given the abilities he has already established. It is yet to be seen whether Lockley commits his acts of violence in his human form, or is assisted by Konshu to keep Marc and Steve safe, which could be the reason the personality still works for the Egyptian Moon God.


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