Upcoming MCU Show Can Redeem Christian Bale’s Gorr by Pitting Him Against Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight

MCU can finally redeem Gorr's character through this after the disaster that was his live-action debut in Thor 4.

Upcoming MCU Show Can Redeem Christian Bale's Gorr by Pitting Him Against Oscar Isaac's Moon Knight


  • Marvel could make Gorr return to the big screen by having him go up against Oscar Isaac's Moon Knight and Khonshu and in the upcoming season 3 of What If...?
  • This would be like hitting two birds with one stone: redeeming Gorr by bringing him back on-screen in his ultimate form all the while increasing Moon Knight's fame among fans.
  • After the disaster that was his live-action debut in Thor: Love and Thunder, Gorr could finally be redeemed by the MCU through this.
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Shown as one of the most bloodthirsty supervillains of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Gorr the God Butcher could have been the most epic villain ever shown on the big screen by the MCU when they decided to include him as the main antagonist in Thor: Love and Thunder. However, that was far from the outcome and what fans intended, and to say that Christian Bale’s character was “wronged” would be an understatement.

Gorr The God Butcher in comic
Gorr in the comics

But there’s always a chance for redemption, and so is the case with Black Butcher as well. As per the idea ignited by a new fan theory, Bale’s Marvel character could have the ultimate redemption if he gets pitted against Moon Knight in the upcoming What If…? season 3.

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Gorr Could Make The Perfect Comeback In What If…? S3

Chris Hemsworth was terrified of Bale as Gorr the God Butcher
Gorr from the comics

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Gorr is undoubtedly one of the most bone-chilling villains in the course of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s history of rogues. And after a failed attempt at his live-action debut that was through Thor: Love and Thunder, the character could actually finally get the chance to redeem himself.

This could be done with the next season of the superhit animated Marvel series, i.e. What If…? season 3. As per the idea proposed by @captaincupkicks on X, Marvel could make the Cloud Stalker go up against Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight and Khonshu.


Not only would this be an incredibly easy setup but it could also give Christian Bale‘s Marvel character the most epic comeback he could ever get along with fulfilling fans’ wishes of seeing him in his true spine-chilling form.

Furthermore, this would also allow Gorr to butcher the comic gods of the Marvel Cinematic Universe openly on the TV screen as per the comic book readers’ heartfelt wishes as opposed to how he was shown doing the same in the fourth and most recent installment of the Thor film series.

If Marvel truly agrees to include him in the third season of the animated multiverse series, it would be like hitting two birds with one stone: redeeming the Black Butcher by bringing him on-screen in his ultimate form all the while increasing Oscar Isaac‘s Moon Knight’s fame among fans.


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Thor: Love and Thunder Couldn’t Do Gorr Justice

Gorr was supposed to kill gods in Thor: Love and thunder
Christian Bale as Gorr in Thor: Love and Thunder

After making his debut in the comics, Gorr had the most perfect chance to display his true gruesome personality in his live-action debut with Thor: Love and Thunder through Christian Bale’s exceptional portrayal skills. However, fans were left beyond disappointed after watching him on the big screen as the movie did anything and everything besides doing justice to his comic book character.

As compared to his personality in the comics, the on-screen Cloud Stalker felt like nothing but a poorly drawn character. Although Bale did a beyond-remarkable job with what he was assigned, Marvel still failed with the villain’s live-action debut in multiple aspects, ranging from his looks to his personality to even his history portrayed in the comics.


While his facial features were shown less like a human’s and more like a reptile’s, what with the lack of lips and nose from his face — just like Voldemort — in the comics, his on-screen counterpart looked more like a human. Then there was his ideology of not believing in a God right from the beginning, which was shown rather differently in the movie.

Adding to these flaws was the MCU’s failure to perfectly capture and portray how traumatic his life had been, considering how he brutally lost almost his entire family. Last, but not least, the Black Butcher’s personality in the comics was grim enough to give any reader an eternity’s worth of trauma. However, that was far from displayed in Thor: Love and Thunder.

All in all, it would be safe to say that Gorr’s live-action debut was nothing short of a failure, and bringing him back to the screens through What If…? season 3 could be a good way to redeem his real comic book character.


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