“They were asking Christian Bale for months and months”: Christian Bale Refused to Return as Batman in DCU After His MCU Debut as Gorr The God Butcher

Christian Bale Refused to Return as Batman in DCU After His MCU Debut as Gorr The God Butcher
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Christian Bale is one of the immensely talented and highly regarded actors in the entertainment industry. He is known for his dedication to his art. The actor has played some iconic characters in his career to date, but the portrayal of Batman has certainly stood out. Bale gave a new intense and grave personality to the caper superhero of Gotham City. The actor did his last solo as a DC hero in 2012. While the production has wanted his return for a long time, it seems like the actor has other plans.

Christian Bale
Christian Bale

As per reports, after portraying the role of Gorr The God Butcher in MCU’s Thor 4, the actor has decided to bid adieu to his DC character.

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Christian Bale’s expected cameo in The Flash

The recent release of Ezra Miller’s film The Flash saw two legendary Batman stars, including Ben Affleck and the OG star Michael Keaton. Reportedly, it was in the last few scenes when Affleck donned the cape for DCEU as the actor bid adieu to the role.

Apart from Keaton’s appearance in the film, there was a shocking appearance of the Batman and Robin star George Clooney and 1966 star Adam West in the film as part of multiverse saga.

However, the only missing name was that of Christian Bale, who was the lead in the Batman trilogy. He donned the bat suit for the first time in 2005 and played the role till 2012. The fans of the actor were eager to see his cameo in The Flash film, however, the actor did not want to reprise the role.

George Clooney as Batman
George Clooney as Batman

Movie director and superhero aficionado Kevin Smith shared his thoughts in a live recording of the Fat Man Beyond podcast. He shared that Warner Bros. didn’t shoot the George Clooney cameo until the very end of the production. He speculated Warner Bros. wanted Christian Bale and had approached him for months for a cameo in film.

Smith said,

“I think there’s a world where they hadn’t shot that until, like, fucking two weeks ago. It feels like they were like ‘It could be anybody,’ and I’m sure they were asking Christian Bale for, like, months and months hoping that he’d break down, and he was like ‘No.’ So they’re like ‘Alright, let’s pivot, let’s do another Batman.’ And they just grabbed George Clooney.”

Smith’s statement went viral on social media and people took it for legitimate confirmed news.


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The truth about Christian Bale’s pursued cameo in The Flash

The rumor spread rapidly about Warner Bros. pursuing Christian Bale for a cameo in The Flash, and people believed it too. Smith responded on Twitter by sharing a short clip of the original comments where he cleared that it was pure conjecture, not truth. He wrote,

“What’s missing from this ‘Fat Man Beyond’ clip is when I said ‘I think there’s a world’ and ‘It feels like’. It was just conjecture, not inside information. Here’s an actually credible The Hollywood Reporter article by Borys Kit about how that cameo was shot 6 months ago.”

Observing the critical and financial disappointment over Warner Bros. and DC Studios’ film, the chances of the return of Christian Bale as Batman anytime soon seems grim.


Christian Bale was last seen as villain, Gorr the God Butcher, in Chris Hemsworth’s Thor: Love and Thunder in 2022.

Christian Bale as Batman
Christian Bale as Batman

DC Studios will continue with Robert Pattinson as Batman in their upcoming The Batman – Part II. They are also searching for a new actor to play Bruce Wayne in Andy Muschietti’s The Brave and the Bold.

Ezra Miller‘s The Flash is running in theaters worldwide.


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