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Morbius 2: Jared Leto Reportedly Wants Full Creative Control For Morbin’ Sequel

Morbius was one of the biggest box office failures by Sony, this year. Based on the Marvel comic character, Living Vampire, the movie served as the origin story of the character in Sony’s Spiderverse. Even the movie’s trailer couldn’t catch the attention of the fans and was far from convincing them to go watch it. And the ones that did go, had no good to say about it. But considering the fact, that the movie is still being discussed means that there could be some hopes for a sequel, and the actor Jared Leto is up for it. But this time he wants full creative control.

Jared Leto lays down conditions for Morbius 2
Jared Leto lays down conditions for Morbius 2

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Jared Leto wants full creative control of the Morbius sequel

In an exclusive report shared by Giant Freakin Robot, insider sources have informed the news outlet that the actor who played the protagonist in the film, Jared Leto, is excited about a sequel but he has laid down one condition, the actor wants to have full creative control on the sequel. According to the insider, Jared Leto wasn’t satisfied with the film on both commercial and artistic levels.

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Jared Leto wants full creative control over the sequel
Jared Leto wants full creative control over the sequel

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The actor feels that there is some demand for the sequel to the movie, despite its failure. It is not yet known whether the actor wants the director’s chair for the hypothetical sequel or just to write the screenplay for it. He has the credit for directing 17 movies on his IMDb, but most of them are projects related to his rock band, 30 Seconds to Mars.

Fans react with memes to the idea of the sequel

After the failure of the first movie, and its release becoming an even bigger failure, fans have been making memes about the movie. And now the idea that Jared Leto would direct the sequel if they do make one, has fuelled more memes. Some have created a hypothetical reality where the movie was a huge success, even Jared Leto got onboard the hypothetical train.

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Will there be a Morbius 2
Will there be a Morbius 2?

But the truth is quite the contrary, the movie made only around $80 million at the box office with a reported budget of $163 million. But Sony has huge plans of making its Spiderverse grow and the upcoming movie, Madame Web starring Dakota Johnson, is proof enough. Even Jared Leto is eager to join MCU or appear in one of Sony’s Spiderverse movies as Morbius because he really is committed to the character.

Madame Web is in its early stages of production.

Source: Giant Freakin Robot

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