More Persona Remakes Reportedly on the Way, and We’re all For It

There never was a better time to be a Persona fan.

More Persona Remakes are on the Way, and We're all For It


  • Persona was previously known as Shin Megami Tensei: Persona and is owned by Sega.
  • The success of the initial games, Revelations, and Eternal Punishment popularized Atlus in North America.
  • The latest leaks indicate the different games in the series are likely to get a remake.
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The fruit for patience is sweet and Persona fans are likely to get it, of course, if they are patient. The hit Sega video game series has been quite popular worldwide and has sold over 16 Million copies while generating around $350 Million in revenue. Now the developers are reportedly advancing to a new level which may well become a new record-breaker in the series.


But it could be miles away if the leaks are anything to go by. A reputable Sega insider who has been dishing out information about the franchise may have some news that may help the fans cheer up a little. Interestingly, the second wind brought in by the leaker could just be the thing they might have been waiting for with bated breath.

Persona 4 Remake May Arrive Later, But That’s Okay

The upcoming game in the Persona franchise will likely have a different color scheme.
The upcoming game in the Persona franchise will likely have a different color scheme.

Several fans have become fans with the advent of Persona 5. Many among them may not have their hands on the initial games. Midori, the leaker of the information, commented on one post discussing the popular games in the franchise.


One X/Twitter xenia wrote, “‘persona 1 and 2 need a remake more than 4’ is not a hot take at all guys. im pretty sure atlus knows this too, let’s all take a deep breath.” To this, the leaker responded by confirming the status of the remakes. The leaker said:

It was natural for the conversation to spark as Midori recently confirmed that the plan for a Persona 4 remake is in place. However, the leaker asked the user to be patient for it to come. As of now, no official announcement for the games has been put forth by the company.


This also means that the fans are likely to see the first two games before the P4 remake. Amid all these leaks, fans must not forget the latest installment in the franchise, Persona 6, too is rumored to hit the stores soon.

Fans Must Not Forget About The Latest Installment in Series

The first Persona game is considered a sleeper hit.
The first Persona game is considered a sleeper hit.

If the franchise’s games are actually getting a remake, players are in for a treat. The initial games are hard to get on currently which might have created a gap among the ones who started playing the latest games in the series. Revisiting the roots could just be the best way developers can provide them with the story on new consoles.


Atlus, the developer of the game, has done the same with the third mainline game. Despite the title being revamped after a couple of decades, it felt like the game came back stronger than ever, just like Goku.

With the leaker delivering some reliable information concerning Sega games, these leaks have certainly attracted the attention of the fans. However, no matter how reliable, leaks must be taken with a grain of salt until the official announcement is made.

Are you waiting for the remakes or the next game in the series? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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