Most Hated & Despised Marvel Heroes Of All Time

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Some characters are perhaps better left buried. They’re a mix of sloth, incompetence, poor writing, strange commercial arrangements, and at least one bet. Here’s a list of some of Marvel’s most hated and despised characters:


1. Quicksilver

One of the most hated character Quicksilver.
The most well-known speedster – Quicksilver.

One of Marvel’s quickest speedsters, Quicksilver is very most well-known in Marvel, but he’s not exactly popular. He’s an annoying jerk who doesn’t really connect to anyone, and he’s most hated for it. Of course, Quicksilver has a purpose, but he isn’t exactly a popular hero. His appearances have become fewer and further between over the years, despite his sister Scarlet Witch continuing to ascend to new heights.

2. Razorback

Most hated mutant Razorback
Mutant with the ability to pilot any vehicle in the universe – Razorback.

Buford Hollis, sometimes known as Razorback, is a superhuman with the ability to pilot any automobile in the universe. He can operate any vehicle, including trucks, spaceships, and time machines. That somehow converted into a warthog costume. He refers to everything he drives as the “Big Pig”. His first appearance was in New York, where he teamed up with Spider-Man to confront a cult. Then he gets married and travels to space to join forces with space truckers. To be honest, we have no idea what to say about this.


3. Hank Pym

One of the most Hated Marvel Heroes - Hank Pym
One of the first avengers – Hank Pym.

Hank Pym is a charter Avenger and one of Marvel’s early superheroes, yet he is by far the least popular of the Avengers. His abilities aren’t great, and his most well-known incident involves him assaulting his wife and attempting to kill his pals. Fans of Hank Pym are few and far between. Most fans would prefer if he just stayed away entirely, because Scott Lang is a far superior Ant-Man than Hank Pym, and Wasp is a far superior Avenger. Most comic fans know the most hated Hank Pym for smacking his wife above any of his heroics, which is notable.

4. Archangel

X-men most hated character - Archangel
X-men’s oddest character – Archangel.

One of the original five X-Men, Archangel was always the group’s odd man out. His abilities were the least effective in a fight, and he wasn’t particularly intriguing as a character, being just another affluent, irritating kid. When Archangel gained his Apocalypse-created wings, he became more useful in battle, but he didn’t improve much as a character. It’s virtually impossible to find a true admirer of Archangel, and he’s long been one of the X-least Men’s popular characters.


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