“Most of this is a lie”: Anthony Hopkins Felt Soured By Fame and Wealth Acquired Over His Vast Oscar-Winning Career, Claimed All of It is “Nonsense”

“Most of this is a lie”: Anthony Hopkins Felt Soured By Fame and Wealth Acquired Over His Vast Oscar-Winning Career, Claimed All of It is “Nonsense”
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The Oscar-winning actor, Anthony Hopkins, made his fame and fortune out of his renowned projects like The Silence of the Lambs and Thor. The veteran actor thus credited his workaholic nature and passion for his stagecraft, for driving him towards his success. 

Sir Anthony Hopkins
Sir Anthony Hopkins

However, during an interview with The Guardian, Anthony Hopkins recalled the true meaning of success. Despite his colossal fame and fortune, Hopkins blatantly painted his Oscar-winning career as nonsense. Recalling a piece of advice he often gives young actors, the 85-year-old star mentioned how distorted fame and stardom are.

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Anthony Hopkins’ Passion For His Stagecraft 

Appearing in renowned projects alongside acclaimed stars and working with brilliant filmmakers, Anthony Hopkins derived his Hollywood-level success, in his decades-long career. Calling himself a workaholic, the actor thus justified what drove him towards his success. 

Anthony Hopkins calls himself a workaholic

According to AARP the Magazine, via People, Anthony Hopkins discussed how he faces a hard time sitting still. Admitting how passionate he is towards his stagecraft, the veteran British actor clearly stated, “I’m a workaholic.” He further added, 

I act; I paint; I play music; I read a lot. It keeps the brain active. I’ll go on working until I drop.”  

Anthony Hopkins
Hopkins’ passion for his work won him his Academy Awards

Thus, he later admitted how his passion and workaholic nature drove him to achieve perfection which eventually landed him an Academy Award. However, the actor previously mentioned during another interview, how he finds success extremely distorted. 


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Anthony Hopkins Claims Fame Is Embellished 

Speaking with The Guardian, during his 2018 interview, Anthony Hopkins touched upon several topics and shared his opinion. But one conversation that stood out was his idea of success. The way the actor blatantly painted success as nonsense and eventually justified his point, stuck with a lot of his fans and readers.

Veteran actor Anthony Hopkins.
Anthony Hopkins painted his success as nonsense

Discussing with the interviewer how he believes that people can be both terrible and kind, Anthony Hopkins clarified that success has nothing to do with either. Touched by singer Tony Bennett’s quote, “life teaches you how to live it if you live long enough”, Hopkins then shared his own opinion on the same. 


How extraordinary. What an amazing thing to say! You know, I meet young people, and they want to act and they want to be famous, and I tell them, when you get to the top of the tree, there’s nothing up there. Most of this is nonsense, most of this is a lie. Accept life as it is. Just be grateful to be alive.” 

Sir Anthony Hopkins in Fracture (2007)
Hopkins claimed that fame and power is a lie

Anthony Hopkins thus mentioned that fame, power, and fortune have nothing to do with real life, for people are not judged by their success but by their behavior. He claimed that success might be the ultimatum, for it is presented in such a way, but after reaching the top, there’s not much to do. 

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Source: The Guardian, AARP the Magazine, (via People)


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