Most Unconventional Superhero Mages In Comic Books

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The comic books are full of the most unorthodox and unconventional mages ever. These heroes know magic but use it in a very different way.


Iron Fist Concentrates His Chi Into His Body

Iron Fist

The Iron Fist practices a martial art technique based on bodily chi control. Chi, to put it in the simplest of terms, is just your body’s life force that keeps you breathing. If one can gain access to controlling this chi, they could achieve superhuman physical attributes. iron Fist concentrates his chi into his limbs and can use that force to stop even a moving train. His chi control also makes him heal faster and more durable. Used properly, Iron Fist can even make himself immune to magic and telepathy and channeling his chi inwards. That is not the most orthodox use of magic if you ask us.

Shazam Calls Upon The Power Of The Gods


At first glance, it is easy to just call Shazam’s powers as magic based and leave it be. But we have to understand just how his powers work. Shazam does not just get powered by magic. Instead, he is lent a fraction of the power of 6 different Gods from 6 different pantheons. By drawing upon each God’s power, Billy Batson becomes the World’s Mightiest Mortal. In a fight against Superman, Shazam does hold an upper hand because of his magical power source but in the end, he is still just like the Man of Steel when it comes to his powers.


Ghost Rider Gets His Powers From His Demonic Heritage

Ghost Rider

On paper, Johnny Blaze possesses the Spirit of Vengeance that turns him into a deranged biker with a flaming skull for a head. He has superhuman physical attributes and the ability to sense sin in others. The Ghost Rider can also manipulate hellfire, the most potent form of flames known to man. His penance stare works on dark magic and most of his abilities are based on the most ancient of demonic sorcery. The Ghost Rider may not cast spells but he gains a new ability every time he finds himself lacking in front of an enemy. The Spirit of Vengeance is powered by pure magic but Blaze himself does not know any complex incantations like Doctor Strange does.

Captain Britain Has The Amulet Of Right

Captain Britain

Brian Braddock originally drew his powers from a mystical source called the Amulet of Right. Over time, Captain Britain has died and been resurrected many a times in the comic books. So things do get a bit confusing when it comes to his origin tale since that story changes every time he comes back to life. but no matter how many times his story is re-written, they almost always comes from a magical source. Brian Braddock has all his superhuman powers derived from magic. Superhuman strength, speed, reflexes, durability, endurance, flight, and a host of other abilities – all of them come from magic. So it is easy to assume for many fans that Captain Britain has a non-magical superhero origin story.

Swamp Thing Is The Avatar Of The Green

Swamp Thing

The original Swamp Thing went by the name of Alex Olsen. He was betrayed by his assistant who was in love with his wife Linda. His body dumped in a swamp of chemicals, Olsen came back to life as a plant-human monster hell-bent on revenge. There have been several other Swamp Things after Olsen. The next to take on the role was Alec Holland, who later revealed himself to be the Avatar of the Green and protector of all plant life. Swamp Thing is a magic based superhero who uses his powers to control all flora. But his magic works very differently than the other mages and wizards of the comic book world.



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