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Mr. Terrific, Hourman Reportedly Newest Additions To JSA as DCU Pushes Past Justice League For Future Movies

Mr. Terrific, Hourman Reportedly Newest Additions To JSA

There are a lot of reasons why the DC Universe has made a significant shift towards making and producing movies about characters (or involving them) from different parts of DC lore, and not necessarily from the Justice League only. This marks a huge step towards extending the DCU beyond the focus of the mighty superhero team.

The reasons for this shift range from the off-screen trouble that Ezra Miller (who plays JL member Flash) has brought to Warner Bros’ name, all the way to the development of plans to allow the entry of more characters in DCU movies. As Pierce Brosnan’s Doctor Fate, along with others becomes a part of the DCU’s JSA, two other characters have reportedly been added too.

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Justice Society of America

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Mr.Terrific And Hourman Rumored To Be Latest DCU Additions

With the release of Black Adam, Dwayne Johnson brought one of the strongest DC characters to life in the eleventh movie of the DCU.

Along with the addition of Teth Adam came various other characters from the Justice Society of America (JSA) such as Doctor Fate (Pierce Brosnan), Hawkman (Aldis Hodge), Atom Smasher (Noah Centineo), and Cyclone (Quintessa Swindell).

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Brosnan’s portrayal of the sorcerer Doctor Fate was one of the most anticipated additions that fans were eager to witness in Black Adam. Now it is being rumored that the DCU is planning to add two other characters into future movies, and yes, they’re from the JSA too.

DC Scooper @LookUponTheSta, who also runs @homeofdcu on Twitter reports that two new characters are being added to the DCU’s version of the JSA. The rumored additions are Hourman and Mister Terrific.

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This clearly marks a halt in the production of movies based around Justice League characters, and instead towards characters that reside in different parts of the DC lore. However, it is only a rumor and must be taken with a grain of salt.

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James Gunn Teases DCU-Rumored Mister Terrific On Twitter, Fans Go Crazy

@LookUponTheSta‘s reports on Mister Terrific may not have been enough to bring excitement to DC Fans.

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James Gunn

But a Twitter post from newly appointed DC Studios co-head James Gunn is sure to convince fans that the character is indeed making their way into the DCU’s Justice Society.

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As any DC fan would react, they understandably started asking questions about a lot of things, such as the possibility of a JSA movie, or if Gunn is planning a standalone movie for the character.

The casting choices are here-

This fan wants the focus back on the much more popular DC characters-

A fresh change-

Does this mean the reports(at least for Mr. Terrific) were true? –


If James Gunn takes a serious interest in Mister Terrific, there could definitely be some plans brewing behind the scenes that see a future where the character might get a standalone movie or at least a TV series!

DCU’s latest release, Black Adam is currently available for viewing in theaters.

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