“I already know they’ll do Deathstroke dirty”: ‘Mrs Freeze’ Leak has Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Fans Worrying they’ll Also Ruin Deathstroke

DC Fans have lost confidence in the game.

Deathstroke and King Shark in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League


  • Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has received a lot of flak ever since it was announced.
  • Especially after the revelation that the game was a live-service one, fans started bashing the title even more.
  • Now, another leak has happened, this time Mrs. Freeze's design is leaked and fans are skeptical about Deathstroke's fate.
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Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League was criticized by long-term DC fans and fans of Rocksteady’s previous attempt at creating the Arkhamverse. Before the game was released and its marketing began, fans disliked its central idea and live service element.


There have been several leaks regarding the game’s plot, character designs, and upcoming content from various leakers on social media. As expected, the latest one surfaced recently, and fans are not amused. If anything, they expect the game to ruin one of the best DC supervillains.

Suicide Squad: Justice League Just Suffered Another Leak and Disappointed Fans Yet Again

Where is the game heading?
Where is the game heading to and does it even have a future?

Kill the Justice League has suffered leaks numerous times, and the response from fans has almost always been negative. It seems like things aren’t changing this time around, too. Like many other leaks, this one shared the character design of a different take on an iconic DC Supervillain, usually associated with the Caped Crusader.


The leak, which was revealed to be ‘Mrs. Freeze’ was shared on X by someone called MadameOfWeb, and the individual displayed it. Another individual important to the conversation is Miller Ross.

He has been a prominent content creator, leaker, and data miner who previously leaked legitimate game information. This time, too, he has come out to confirm the leak and additionally, has shared how Rocksteady has tried to silence him and sabotage his account:

The leaker states that he tried to turn people’s perception of the game when social media was filled with posts bashing the title and its approach to beloved DC characters. One of the most interesting comments made by another individual on the leak speaks about what many people think of the leak and the game so far.


Kill the Justice League Cannot Seem to Catch a Break as Fans Are Now Worried About Deathstroke

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League looks dead and buried.
Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League looks dead and buried.

Suicide Squad Justice League pales compared to some brilliant live-service titles like Helldivers 2, and fans do not leave an opportunity to express this on social media. But even if one doesn’t consider the live service element, the game’s substance (or lack thereof) has been inferior.

Fans disliked Mrs. Freeze’s design but worried about the direction the game seemed to be going. Deathstroke was also leaked to be coming to the title by Miller Ross in April 2024:

But after the Mrs. Freeze leak, fans are almost sure that even if Deathstroke appears in the game, the kind of treatment he will get from the game’s makers will be deplorable:


Overall, the ship seems to be sinking, and the clock seems to be ticking for the game if player retention numbers are any indicator. What will the game’s fate be in the coming times? Do you think it will survive? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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