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Ms. Marvel Disrespected Major Avenger’s Sacrifice and Fans Aren’t Happy

The latest Disney+ Marvel series, Ms. Marvel, raises a critical concern via its depiction of AvengerCon. For half the world, time hadn’t passed at all. But for the rest, they spent half a decade grieving and mourning the loss of their loved ones. After Thanos dusted half of all life, it was a wracking 5 years that saw the world collapse and die a slow, gray, and agonizing death. Thanos’ vision of a plentiful, ever-flourishing universe where none would ever have to go hungry again and everyone would be happy was embarrassingly false.

Ms Marvel
Ms. Marvel

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But even though half the world wasn’t there for the battle, the universe came together to fight and bring them back. And after the Avengers assembled, the battle fought, and the dust settled, all the time in the world wasn’t enough to honor the sacrifices of the First Avenger, the MCU Godfather, and the Russian assassin with a penchant for saving the world, more times than one. But where does Vision’s sacrifice count in all of this?

Remembering the Avengers

Since the chapter closed on the Infinity saga, the Marvel Cinematic Universe spared all of 2 seconds to properly honor the fallen. Sure, there were paltry displays of mourning, pillars erected, and murals painted, but when it came to quantifying the contributions of the 4 Avengers and validating their sacrifices, nothing was in the scripts.

Ms. Marvel
Ms. Marvel pays no tribute to Vision’s sacrifice

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Spider-Man: Far From Home paid a small tribute to Tony Stark/Iron Man. Hawkeye did the same with Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow. The Falcon and The Winter Soldier did no favors to the Cap at all. WandaVision perhaps came closest to expressing the impact of loss and grief but did so only as a subplot to transcend Wanda Maximoff’s character arc in the MCU. Ms. Marvel arranged an AvengerCon full of invocations from the original Marvel comic world which was devoid of any mention of Vision.

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Fan Sentiments Hurt Over Vision’s Absence

Iman Vellani’s Ms. Marvel perfectly captured the fandom of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In a world where superheroes and aliens and the multiverse is real, little importance is given to a sentient android brought to life by a billionaire philanthropist. However, the Mind Stone wielder was the first Avenger to be murdered by the Mad Titan. Vision was also the only one to have been killed twice.

AvengerCon portrayal in Ms. Marvel

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In all of the AvengerCon menagerie, there was not a single mention of the sentient android who was capable of love and sacrifice. As a result, fan sentiments were hurt by this glaring absence of the much-deserved tip of the cap towards Vision in all of MCU’s Phase 4. Whether indicative of the fact that Vision wasn’t as exposed to the world as the rest of the Avengers were or if a sentient robot doesn’t deserve human respect is yet to be determined.

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