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Brilliant MCU Theory Reveals Ms. Marvel’s Powers Come From the Multiverse

We watched the New Jersey youngster acquire her powers when she slipped on a bracelet from her Pakistani grandmother in the first episode of the MCU series. She was able to unload energy fields and lengthen her limbs as a result of this. Ms. Marvel episode 2 however, hinted that Kamala Khan’s abilities seem to be more complex than we assumed. This episode implied that her abilities actually come from within her rather than the bracelet. Now, a brilliant new theory reveals that Ms. Marvel’s powers actually come from the multiverse. Here are the specifics:

Ms. Marvel’s powers in the comics vs the series:

Ms. Marvel in the comics.
Ms. Marvel in the comics.

It was agreed upon early on that Kamala Khan’s superpowers would be altered when Marvel Studios decided to introduce her into the MCU. One emerging notion, however, not only connects directly to Kamala’s initial abilities but also to Spider-Man: No Way Home and the multiverse as it exists presently. As Kevin Feige described it, the protagonist was “coming into a very specific time within the MCU continuity”. Without a  doubt, this comment means that Kamala Khan is no more an Inhuman in the MCU. However, she is almost certain to become a bigger part of the franchise in the future. Thus, let’s have a look at how Ms. Marvel’s original abilities are inextricably linked to the multiverse.

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What this MCU theory suggests:

Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel in the MCU.
Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel in the MCU.

Kamala has the capacity to change her size to that of a skyscraper or an ant, in conjunction with her elastic body. However, several admirers questioned how Kamala Khan managed to do so, particularly because when she shrank, her extra weight vanished. Furthermore, when she grew multiple times her original size, she would acquire bulk apparently out of nowhere. Even certain characters, such as Kamala’s friend Bruno, had doubts, and when her powers went wild, Bruno immediately figure it out. Ms. Marvel’s abilities were soon proven to be dependent on the Multiverse itself.

Confused? Well, the simplest explanation could be that Kamala Khan combines her substance with the multiple versions of herself across time and space, and when she exercises her superpowers, she is literally crossing worlds on a molecular scale. Ms. Marvel, for instance, expands in size by absorbing the mass of multiple Kamala Khans from other realities that were shrinking at the time. Surely you must be thinking that this sounds like a very crazy and inventive description of how her powers operate. But if given a chance, this would also serve as a convenient cover for Kamala to appear in Multiverse storylines.

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How this theory is foreshadowed in the series:

A scene from Ms. Marvel series.
A scene from the Ms. Marvel series.

In the series, as soon as Kamala dons the bangle, her eyes turn purple and she stumbles into what appears to be another realm. Prior to this, viewers are exposed to the sight of purple tears forming around her, and this gives a feeling of deja vu, doesn’t it? Well, that’s because the entities that began to find their way into Earth-616 in the Multiverse in No Way Home, causing identical tears. Furthermore, what Kamala sees in these tears is an even stranger coincidence: hundreds of people with luminous white eyes encircle her. Could these individuals be other counterparts of Kamala from different universes? Not to forget the fact that Kamala is depicted as sliding into this reality, similar to how she had her vision in “Generation Why”.

All of these are, however, merely speculations. For the time being, fans will have to stick with watching Ms. Marvel on Disney+ to properly comprehend the depth of her powers and whether or not they are linked to the multiverse.

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