MTV Movie & TV Awards: New Thor: Love and Thunder Clip Shows Emotional Thor-Mjolnir Reunion

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The MTV Movie & TV Awards has come forth and it has been nothing short of an MCU extravaganza. The coveted event has been called the next best thing to People’s Choice awards and 2022’s MTV Movie & TV Awards proves MTV can really put up a damn good show. The event was attended by many popular celebs. But despite actors getting onto the carpet with their million dollar wardrobes, the star attraction of MTV Movie 7 TV Awards 2022 ended up being the first ever clip of Thor: Love and Thunder movie.

Thor Love and Thunder - Thor Meets Mjolnir
Thor Love and Thunder – Thor Meets Mjolnir

The newly released clip is our first look into the upcoming Taika Waititi film and it is emotional to say the least. Mjolnir and Thor meet for the first time after ragnarok.

But things do not go according to plan.


MTV Movie & TV Awards – New Thor: Love and Thunder Clip Released

Reforged Mjolnir – Thor 4

The new Thor: Love and Thunder clip released in MTV Movie & TV Awards is an extended version of a scene already shown in the Thor 4 trailer. The scene takes place in the middle of what looks like a very intense battle sequence. Thor is sifting through brawls in the middle of the battlefield when he comes across Mjolnir, only for his trusted hammer to give him the cold shoulder and run off.

Thor 4, Natalie Portman
Thor 4 – Natalie Portman

Thor gives chase, and starts shouting for his hammer to come back. “Here boy”, Thor says as Mjolnir is nowhere to be seen. Thor finally gets to see Mjolnir but the hammer seems a bit different. Mjolnir almost reaches a gleeful Thor’s hand before it returns back to another individual. It is revealed Mjolnir’s new master is not Thor, but Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor.


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Thor: Love and Thunder – How Jane Foster Got Mjolnir

Thor: Love and Thunder - Jane Foster Mjolnir MTV Movie & TV Awards
Thor: Love and Thunder – Jane Foster Thor

There are an umpteen number of theories on the internet claiming they have figured it out how Thor lost the hammer but Foster managed to resurrect it from the dead. The enchanted hammer was shattered into pieces by Hela during Thor: Ragnarok. But it somehow returns in thor: Love and Thunder.

Jane Foster Mjolnir
Jane Foster – How Does She Get Mjolnir?

This new MTV Movie & TV Awards Thor: Love and Thunder clip does reveal a few interesting insights. Of all the theories on how Jane Foster became Mighty Thor, this one makes the most sense. This theory states that Mjolnir was never ‘destroyed’ merely shattered into pieces. When Hela held it in her arms and showed Thor isn’t the only one who’s worthy of it, it broke him and made him unworthy.


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Thor lost all confidence in himself and he could no longer be worthy of the broken Mjolnir. Jane Foster on the other hand, still believed in the hammer and was worthy of Mjolnir because she was willing to look past her flaws, something Thor couldn’t after encountering Hela.

Is this how Jane Foster became Thor, the Goddess of Thunder?


Taika Waititi On Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor In Thor: Love And Thunder

Taika Waititi Reveals Portman’s Mighty Thor’s Fighting Style in Thor 4
Taika Waititi Reveals Portman’s Mighty Thor Story Arc Will Be Comic Book Accurate

In an interview with Gamesradar, Taika Waititi opened up on how Thor: Love and Thunder will handle the Jane Foster Thor storyline. He claims the movie will stick closely to her character arc in the comic books. he says and we quote:

“We stick pretty closely to Jane’s storyline, and what happened to Jane… because that was such an influence on the film. We’re trying to take the best parts of that.”

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MTV Movie & TV Awards – Marvel Sweeps The Event Clean

Tom Holland Zendaya - Spider-Man: No Way Home MTV Movie & TV Awards
Tom Holland and Zendaya in Spider-Man: No Way Home

The MTV Movie & Tv awards show ended up becoming a glorified Marvel Studios promotional platform. Many Marvel stars were felicitated with awards during the event. Spider-Man: No Way Home was named Best Movie. Tom Holland won an award for best performance in a movie. His No Way Home co-star, Zendaya also won an award for Best Performance in a TV Show, for her role in the hit series Euphoria. Ryan Reynolds, who also plays Deadpool in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, won Best Comedic Performance for Free Guy.


Starring Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman in titular roles, Thor: Love and Thunder is set for release on July 8, 2022.


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