Thor: Love and Thunder Theory – Gorr Unleashes Knull on MCU

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With a new look at Christian Bale as Gorr the God Butcher, the stage is set for Thor’s Stormbreaker to clash with Gorr’s Necrosword. Gorr intends to kill all Gods, seeing them as the enemy. Thor wants to stop Gorr before he wipes out all Godhood from the MCU. It seems like Gorr has a master plan. And this Thor: Love and Thunder theory aims to answer that question. The Thor: Love and Thunder Theory claims Gorr’s plan includes helping free a dark entity from his ancient cosmic prison. Is Knull the answer to Gorr’s crusade against the Gods? Let’s find out just how does Gorr unleash Knull in Thor: Love and Thunder.


Who Is Knull – EXPLAINED

Knull - Marvel Comics Thor: Love & Thunder
Knull – Marvel Comics

Before moving on to the theory, we must address who exactly is Knull and why is he this important to the MCU. In the comic books, Knull was the primordial entity that ruled the dark abyss that existed before the universe. When the forces of creation, led by Celestials, started creating the universe, Knull saw it as an attack on his kingdom. He wanted his abyss to survive so he resisted the Celestials. The Celestials fought back and hence Knull created All Black the Necrosword, a weapon powered by a dead Celestial and capable of slaying them. Knull was the first ever entity to kill a Celestial.

Knull - God of the Symbiotes Thor: Love & Thunder
Knull – God of the Symbiotes

The Celestials responded in kind and returned the favor. So Knull created the symbiotes, his very own army that he forms by bonding his abyss to lesser creatures. Essentially becoming their host, the symbiotes aid Knull in his war against Celestials. Ultimately Knull is defeated and then imprisoned on the planet Klyntar. The symbiotes that were once his foot-soldiers are used to form a fluid cage that Knull can never escape. But recently, Knull has again made huge waves in Marvel Comics. So it is only natural to see Knull in Thor: Love and Thunder.


Thor: Love and Thunder Theory – Is Gorr Knull’s Avatar?

Thor: Love and thunder Gorr's reasons to kill all gods explined
Christian Bale as Gorr The God Butcher

In the comic books, Gorr came across the Necrosword after Knull and another God were almost left for dead after a fight. Gorr would take the All Black, slay the other god and then make it his life mission to slay the rest of the Gods all over the universe. But the MCU could easily change that origin story. MCU’s Gorr already looks vastly different from his comic book counterpart. This origin story change could easily help create a more diverse story arc.

Moon Knight vs Arthur Harrow Avatar
Moon Knight vs Arthur Harrow

Moon Knight has already proven that Gods can have their Avatars. Khonshu chose Marc Spector as his champion. Taweret chose Layla as the Scarlet Scarab. Ammit chose Arthur Harrow. In the MCU, even imprisoned Gods can have their followers do their bidding. Ammit was sealed away and even still she found a way to give Harrow a fraction of her power and guided him into releasing her. Knull could be doing the same with Gorr. Gorr could be from a world who once used to worship Knull and Knull would later reward that world’s most devout follower with the means to acquire the Necrosword.

Gorr could be carrying out his God’s task, which is helping him kill the Gods. In the comic books, the Celestials helped seal Knull. The MCU could make it look like all the God Pantheons banded together to defeat Knull. That would make for a plausible turn of events.


Further Proof Knull Is In Thor 4

Is Gorr Trying To Free Knull Thor: Love & Thunder
Is Gorr Trying To Free Knull

In the trailer, Gorr is seen using the Necrosword to shatter an entire planet. The theory states the planet is in fact Klyntar, the prison world that houses Knull since the birth of the cosmos. Spider-Man: No Way Home also hinted at Knull when Venom left a tiny sliver of its symbiote suit in the MCU before he was taken back to his universe by the end of the movie.

Is This Klyntar - Planet of the Symbiotes
Is This Klyntar – Planet of the Symbiotes

It would explain why Gorr looks like a cultist and not as comic book accurate. The comic books reeval that Gorr uses the Godbomb to wipe out all Gods. The MCU could have replaced the Godbomb with the symbiote God. By unleashing Knull on the MCU, Gorr intends to wipe out Godhood from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Will he succeed?



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