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Mutant Heroes That Deserve MCU Solo Projects Before Starring In Future MCU X-Men Films

The X-Men coming to the MCU is inevitable. But the first MCU X-Men lineup should not include these classic mutant heroes. These mutant heroes deserve a solo MCU project first before they team up with the other mutants in future X-Men MCU films.

The mutant heroes we have chosen have incredible backstories that could easily make for a good origin story movie. Here goes nothing.


Wolverine MCU
Wolverine MCU

It was a sheer stroke of luck that Fox managed to pull off such a genius casting when they cast Hugh Jackman as Logan. Jackman has immortalized the character. And this makes things difficult for Disney. Whatever actor Marvel Studios goes ahead with, he will always be compared to the legendary Jackman.

So including Wolverine in the X-Men MCU Debut lineup makes no sense. You cannot just drop a bomb like that and expect people to be fine. Whoever plays Wolverine needs to have a proper introduction via a solo movie first, to break the ice at the very least.


Gambit MCU
Apocalypse vs. Gambit

Gambit is another mutant hero fans were really looking forward to as a solo movie project. Fox had Channing Tatum roped in and production was about to begin. But then the Disney-Fox merger happened and the entire project sunk.

Gambit is more or less a lone wolf. He may be a part of classic X-Men teams like X-Men Blue but he likes rolling the die on his own. Gambit deserves a solo movie of his own before the Cajun master-thief joins the X-Men. There’s a lot of backstory there that could be explored.


Cyclops MCU
Cyclops MCU

The Fox movies did this guy dirty. Scott Summers is more than just laser eyes. He is the de facto field leader of the X-Men. His strategic intellect is so proficient he can even sometimes outsmart Captain America in a team fight.

Scott Summers deserves a solo MCU movie project of his own. An origin story could explore how the Summers family was kidnapped and experimented upon by Mister Sinister. It is time for Cyclops to shine in the movies just like he has been doing recently in the Marvel comic books.


Colossus MCU
Colossus MCU

Piotr Rasputin is better known as Marvel’s strongest mortal. His strength can rival the Hulk’s in short bouts. Piotr’s mutant ability is the power to coat his entire body in organic steel, making him super durable and super strong.

Colossus also has a terrible backstory. When he was a kid, the demon Belasco kidnapped his sister and trapped her in Limbo. Illyana Rasputin would become the mutant magician Magik. Piotr’s solo movie could explore him travelling to the Belasco’s Limbo dimension and rescue his sister.


Nightcrawler MCU
Nightcrawler MCU

A Neyaphemian by blood, Kurt Wagner possesses demonic abilities and features that defy even mutant standards. Nightcrawler possesses the uncanny ability of teleportation. His prehensile tail and innate agility coupled with his wall-crawling skills make him an excellent close combat fighter. He has also been a part of several X-Men offshoots like Excalibur, even going so far as to become their leader.

In the comics, Kurt is the son of Mystique and the demon Azazel. Azazel would wander the Earth, siring children, hoping that one of them could free him from his prison. Kurt’s teleportation was the answer. A devilish origin story like this needs a solo mcu movie project.


Fantomex X-Men

Charlie Cluster 7 aka Fantomex is a product of the Weapon Plus program. A hyper evolved genetic mutate, Fantomex was duped Weapon XIII. From energy manipulation and healing to super strength and size manipulation, Fantomex does wear many hats. His greatest ability though is regurgitating his entire nervous system out of his body. E.V.A can add to his arsenal by acting as a flying ship and morphing herself into any weapon imaginable.

Fantomex has recently gained critical fame during Rick Remender’s Uncanny X-Men run. Marvel has done more with even littler story elements. Someone as established as Fantomex should not be an issue for Marvel Studios.