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What If Universes That Make The Marvel Prime Universe Look Warm & Cozy

We all brood about our pasts and ask ourselves – What if it happened this way and not that way? Marvel took this question seriously and produced a whole series of What If comics. These stories were so unique that they made the Prime universe look dull and easy. So let’s rank these What If Universes That Make The Marvel Prime Universe Look Warm & Cozy.

What If…Magik Became The Sorcerer Supreme: This story is about Illyana Rasputin. She gets abducted into Limbo. Demon Belasco trained her as she transformed into the Soulsword wielding Magik. In the Prime Universe, she gets freed from Limbo and rejoins the X-Men. But in this What If universe Doctor Strange finds her and trains her to be his successor. The story covers the psychology of a 16-year-old girl as she unleashes her true magical potential.

Magik as the Sorcerer Supreme


What If…Iron Man Lost The Civil War: We all know that Civil War was the best crossover. But it also led to Captain America’s death. Iron Man talks it out with Cap in this comic series and proposes that Cap oversees the Superhero Registration Act. This new pact prevents Cap from dying and brings peace to the superhero community.

What If...Iron Man Lost Civil War

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What If…Starring Secret Wars 25 Years Later Comes A New Generation Of Heroes: This story shows Marvel superheroes trapped in the Battleworld. After they accept they can’t return home, they settle there. The comic starts in the universe of 25 years after that. Seeing no other possibility, these heroes marry and have kids. These kids are born with extraordinary abilities. For example, Hawkeye and She-Hulk’s son Clinton Barton Jr. comes into the world with great strength and archery skills. This diverse set of capabilities is missing on any other planet.

What If…Starring Secret Wars 25 Years Later Comes A New Generation Of Heroes

What If…Storm Had The Power Of Phoenix: In the original universe, the Phoenix Force gets absorbed by Jean Grey. But in this What If story, Storm gets replaced by that force. Her ultimate aim is to protect nature. Blind with that goal, she punishes those who violate her laws. This story shows how a person with a good motive can become the villain because they are too rigid in their ways.

What If…Storm Had The Power Of Phoenix

What If… Daredevil Lived In Feudal Japan: Masahiro, a blind samurai, tries to avenge his father. Unfortunately, the Shogun or overlord killed his father. Masahiro fights with Elektra, who shares the same emotions as him. Elektra’s father gets murdered, and now she is looking for his killers. Together, Masahiro and Elektra fight to end the Shogun’s rule.

IMG 20220127 202228


What If…Rogue Possessed The Power Of Thor: Rogue attempts to free the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. In that attempt, she has to fight with the Avengers. When fighting with Thor, she absorbs his powers. Rogue takes out Vision, Jocasta, and Hawkeye with her new strength. Loki then seduces her to work for him, and then she tries to unleash havoc on Asgard. But she is confronted by Thor on the Astral planet, who convinces her to be the Goddess of Thunder. She accepts the role and wipes out Loki’s forces. Odin also takes her as his daughter.

What If…Rogue Possessed The Power Of Thor
What If…Spider-Man Had Rescued Gwen Stacy: It was heartbreaking to see Gwen Stacy die. But this time, Spider-Man does it right, and he jumps off to save her. Later, he reveals his identity and proposes Gwen. They both get married, but the happiness isn’t long-lasting as the police barged into the wedding to arrest Peter.

What If…Spider-Man Had Rescued Gwen Stacy

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