5 Times X-Men’s Magik Was A Far More Terrifying Magical Menace Than Scarlet Witch

Illyana Rasputin aka Magik is one of the most powerful mutants in the Marvel Comic Book Universe. Her control over magic makes Magik a far deadlier threat than Scarlet Witch.

Making Dormammu Run Away With His Tail Between His Legs


Dormammu once tried conquering and ‘liberating’ the dimension of limbo. Limbo happens to be Magik’s home dimension. She rules this realm with an iron fist. Dormammu intended to invade Limbo and use its resources to save his own Dark Dimension. Illyana was first pushed into a corner by Dormammu’s might. The Dark Lord’s magic was too much for Magik to handle. And ight when she was about to lose her realm, Magik unleashed her Darkchilde powers. In this state, Illyana is nigh unbeatable. She immediately dispatches Dormammu and her army of the Mindless Ones scatter to the four winds. Magik did not even need a Time Stone. She defeated Dormammu all on her own.

Traps Doctor Strange In A Grand Illusion

Avengers vs. X-Men

During the Avengers vs. X-Men arc, the Avengers are in hot pursuit of the X-Men, who have gone rogue. Magik is tasked with securing their escape via opening a way through Limbo. Doctor Strange believes that he could portal his way into Limbo and catch the escaping mutant heroes by surprise. The Sorcerer Supreme forgot that Magik has trained in the mystic arts just as much as him. She had already sensed Doctor Strange’s presence and was waiting for him to come to Limbo. The two fought in the paranormal realm. Most of the fight scenes happen off panel. In the end, it is shown that Doctor Strange is the winner. But the real truth is revealed right after that. Magik had cast Doctor Strange in an illusion where he won the battle.

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Making Legion, An Omega Level Mutant, Bow Down to Her

New Mutants

David Haller has the gift of literally every superhuman power courtesy of his X-Gene. there is just one problem though. He suffers from multiple personality disorder. He gains a power based on which personality is dominant at the moment. Once, the mutant hero Karma was trapped inside Legion’s psyche. Illyana jumped right in, trying to save her. Legion’s many psyches swarmed her, thinking they are invincible within Legion’s mind. Then Magik showed them who’s boss, using her soul-sword to cut them down and make them comply. Magik saved Karma by forcing Legion’s alters to make way for her out of fear.

Exacting Her Revenge On Gods

Legion Breaks Gods

The reason Magik was brought to Limbo was because her soul was needed to free the Elder Gods of the dimension. For long, Magik has resented the Elder Gods for tearing away her soul from her body. So she initiates a very nasty plan in the form of payback. Magik first secures the release of the Elder Gods from their prison. Then she uses magic to unleash the full extent of Legion’s abilities. Illyana then sets him loose and the Elder Gods and watches as David Haller breaks the Elder Gods into pieces.

Her Demonic Other Half Is A Force Of Nature

Demonic Illyana

Illyana Rasputin is in a constant battle within her own mind. There are two halves of her psyche vying for control. One is her mutant alter that wants Magik to remain somewhat benevolent. Then there’s the demonic other half that never manages to gain control. That was until a villain called Callahan managed to destroy Magik’s mutant-half, letting her demonic-alter take over. As a full blown Demon, Magik tore through many heavyweights. Even Juggernaut, who is supposed to be unstoppable, could not stop her as Magik tore through his chest and ripped out the Crimson gem of Cyttorak powering him.

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