My Adventures With Superman Season 2 Under James Gunn is Doing One Thing Even Bruce Timm’s Superman: The Animated Series Couldn’t

My Adventures With Superman will showcase a Superman who is still discovering himself!

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  • My Adventures With Superman is an animated show that aired in 2023 and was greenlit for a second season.
  • With a second season on the verge of release date, the producers of the show talked about what's different with Superman this time.
  • During their talks, Josie Campbell revealed that this Superman is on a journey to self-discovery and is a bit unsure about himself!
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There have been several iterations of Superman (at least 35) ever since the character made his debut in the DC Comics. Adapting the stories for the bigger screens, there has never been (as far as we know) a Superman who is unsure of himself.

Henry Cavill in A still from BVS
Henry Cavill and Amy Adams in a still from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice | Warner Bros. Pictures

Sure, we could argue that Zack Snyder and Henry Cavill took a little dive into the human side of Superman. However, it was not as impactful as the stories of other superheroes (just look at Batman). Well, the animated series My Adventures With Superman Season 2 is here to change that!

My Adventures With Superman Is Much More Human

Back in 2023, an animated series by the name of My Adventures With Superman was released, which received great ratings and a second season. Based on the life of Clark Kent falling in love with Lois Lane all the while becoming the savior of Metropolis, the story and the animation are quite good, and people surely loved it.

Superman in the animated series
Clark Kent in My Adventures with Superman. | Warner Bros. Animation

With a second season on the verge of release, stories about My Adventures With Superman are making their way into interviews and they are quite unique! From what the upcoming season will entail to little bits of details in the series, producer Josie Campbell answered all the questions diligently.

In an interview with CBR, Campbell sat for an interview to talk about the second season of the animated show. Although DCAU legend Bruce Timm was a part of the original Superman: The Animated Series, they never explored Superman on a journey to self-discovery. Well, My Adventures With Superman is here to change that.

Our story is so character-focused that every part of the mythos is, are we bringing this in because we want to just have this easter egg, or you’re bringing this in because there’s a character reason?

She further continued,


Everything that we’re doing is naturally coming out of Lois and Clark’s evolving relationship, or this is obviously coming out of Clark’s next step on his journey of identity and self realization.

So in a way, Superman will get to fall in love with Lois Lane while occasionally questioning his powers and his purpose for being a superhero… sounds fun! With people being aware of DC Comics and their chaotic timelines, fellow producer Jake Wyatt wasn’t one to shy away from talking about the repetitive reboots in the DC fandom!

Talking about how they get to pick and choose from the vast lore of DC Comics, Wyatt confessed that the comics have also gone through several reboots, alternate universes, and, similar things!

The DC Comics Have Also Undergone Reboots!

DC Comics has had a very vast and intense lore that has spread around the concept of multiverse much like branches on a tree. From alternate universes to shattering timelines, the comics have stayed fresh and held everything together with its core values.

my adventures with superman 2
My Adventures With Superman | Warner Bros. Animation

However, as per fellow producer Jake Wyatt, the lore of DC Comics is so mighty that the comics have also undergone reboots and contradictions. As the interview continued, the producer revealed that they had a certain liberty to just pick the stories that they liked and put them into My Adventures With Superman.

Being an animated show that relies on the human and comedic side of the characters more, it does make sense that the producers would do something like this.

And then a fun thing about DC lore is that it’s a little less sequential than like, the [Chris] Claremont run of X-Men. It’s all over the place, and they reboot it all the time, and it’s contradictory… You kind of get to pick and choose.

He further continued,


It’s almost like a topiary, like you’re trimming away from something, than it is like you’re adapting it whole. That’s part of the fun of our particular show.

With high ratings of 7.7/10 on IMDB and a whopping 96% on Rotten Tomatoes, My Adventures With Superman was received with high remarks and praise. With additional episodes on the verge of release, the second season of My Adventures With Superman will be released on 25 July 2024 and will be available to stream on Adult Swim in the U.S.


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