“My face was getting chewed up”: Mel Gibson Gave Oscar-Winning Actress Rashes After She Was Forced to Kiss Him for an Entire Day

Mel Gibson Gave Oscar-Winning Actress Rashes After She Was Forced to Kiss Him for an Entire Day
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Few romantic comedy films have left as indelible a mark as 2000 hit What Women Want. Starring Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt, the movie offered a humorous and heartwarming exploration of gender dynamics. However, the filming process was not always as glamorous behind the scenes as it appeared on screen. One particular scene, a passionate kiss between the two leads, proved to be more challenging than expected, leading to an unforgettable anecdote that adds a new layer to the film’s legacy.


The Kiss That Left a Mark

What Women Want kiss scene
Kiss scene from What Women Want

The film’s climactic romantic scene required Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt to share a passionate kiss, a moment that would prove pivotal to their characters’ relationship. However, this seemingly simple scene took a day and a half to film, turning what could have been a dreamy experience into an endurance test. Hunt revealed,

“So at around 5 o’clock on the first day, I asked Mel’s makeup people to shave him a little because my face was getting chewed up from his stubble.”

The constant friction from Gibson’s stubble left Hunt with a rash, a testament to the physical toll that even a romantic scene can take on actors.


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Mel Gibson’s Humorous Response

Mel Gibson What Women Want
A still from What Women Want

In response to Hunt’s request for a shave, Gibson showcased his well-known sense of humor. He arrived on set the next day with toilet paper marks and fake blood, a playful nod to the shaving mishap. This light-hearted response not only eased the tension but also served as a reminder of the camaraderie and shared experiences that often develop behind the scenes.

Mel Gibson’s humorous approach to the situation underscores the unique blend of dedication and fun that can make the challenging process of filming a memorable experience.


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A Shared Journey on Set

Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt
Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt

Working alongside Gibson, Hunt found herself navigating the complexities of their characters’ evolving relationship. She approached her role openly, ready to explore the dynamic between her character and Gibson’s. Despite the physical discomfort she experienced during the kissing scene, Hunt praised Mel Gibson as a “great, great co-star,” highlighting his comedic timing and collaborative spirit. The chemistry between the two actors, born out of mutual respect and shared effort, ultimately shone through in their on-screen performances.

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The story behind the filming of What Women Want serves as a fascinating glimpse into the realities of movie-making. From enduring a day and a half of filming a kissing scene to dealing with the physical discomfort of a co-star’s stubble, Helen Hunt’s experience is a testament to the often unseen challenges actors face.

Yet, through it all, the camaraderie, humor, and shared dedication of the cast and crew shine through, adding a new layer of appreciation to this beloved romantic comedy.

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