“You’re going to be f**ked over at some point”: Mel Gibson’s Viral Interview Exposed, Broke Hollywood So Badly Movie Industry Tried Burying it

Mel Gibson's Viral Interview Exposed, Broke Hollywood So Badly Movie Industry Tried Burying it
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Mel Gibson is one of the top-notch actors in the industry. He is prominently known for his action sequences, and some of his superhit movies include Braveheart, The Patriot, Lethal Weapon, Mad Max, Maverick, etc. He is also an excellent and highly talented director, who has received Academy Awards for Best Picture and Best Director. The actor was known for being blunt in his interview which often to backlash from the star.

Mel Gibson
Mel Gibson

The actor’s interview, where he called out the big shots of Hollywood, is making rounds on social media platforms.

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Mel Gibson opens up on the impact of money on the Hollywood industry

Blood Father actor Mel Gibson opened up in an interview about working in the Hollywood industry. Being an integral part of that world for years, he shared his understanding of the proceedings.

Talking about the impact of money in the Hollywood industry, he shared,

“It’s pretty much based on money, the system is completely based on money, the studio system to a degree. I think the way I look into the system, it is based on money.”

Mel Gibson
Mel Gibson

On being asked if there is a collective ethos or a social contract and if he understands it, Gibson shared,


“I do you understand it. The social contract is that you can’t get mad, you can’t let it get you because you have to make a deal with everyone else, and it’s almost unspoken that you are going to be f*cked over at some point by people who you may have done something nice for you. And it may happen that by circumstance or even very purposefully that you f*ck someone over. But that shouldn’t get in the way of you being able to sit down and have fun with them.”

“You can’t build resentment about it, you have to still try and love those people because that’s the way they’re thinking. It’s not personal they don’t really mean to hurt you no, not really. I don’t quite understand, I mean there’s a lot of motivations for why it happens.”

Edge of Darkness star did not take any direct names, but he wanted to reveal the real picture of the industry to everyone.

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Mel Gibson reveals his personal experience of being stabbed in the back

Mel Gibson talked about his personal experience in the industry and working with several star actors and directors.


If many millions are riding on a decision, it’s hard to be philosophical. You have to choose what level of integrity you’re coming in. I’ve often felt that I’ve sat there, and I have felt the knife slipped firmly in between my shoulder blades and tried to have it shoved through the other side through my heart. I mean, this is a bizarre place.”

Mel Gibson Explained Why He Rejected The 1987 Robert De Niro Cult-Classic
Mel Gibson Explained Why He Rejected The 1987 Robert De Niro Cult-Classic

He added that the industry is very welcoming of newcomers. They are charmed by the fresh approach the newbies bring. However, the picture changes very soon,

“It doesn’t take very long before you realize or before it gets to you it’s cascading on you all the time. You can’t get away from certain attitudes, from certain modes of behavior that this town and the industry dictate. No matter how strong you are when you come in off the farm with those convictions and those and a certain line of attack, no matter how strong you are, you are going to be affected by this place.”

The ace actor and director will be seen in the sequel of his hit film in 2004 which will be named The Passion of the Christ: Resurrection. It will release in 2024.

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Mel Gibson 1998 exposing Hollywood in subtle ways


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