“My first time even kissing a married man”: Jennifer Lawrence Regrets Steamy Love Scene With Marvel Star

You could have forgotten ‘Passengers’, but Jennifer Lawrence won’t!

Jennifer Lawrence Regrets Steamy Love Scene With Marvel Star


  • Seasoned actress Jennifer Lawrence isn't new to filming intimate scenes, but they still make her nervous.
  • Lawrence and Chris Pratt had intimate scenes in their space adventure movie Passengers.
  • Months after filming Passengers, the X-Men star was still haunted by the scene.
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Audiences enjoy watching characters act out wildly unrealistic love scenes, which are often set in swimming pools, cafes, bedrooms, and pretty much anywhere else you can think of. But it also causes a great deal of awkwardness. Because of this, most actors agree that filming a romantic scene is one of the most unsettling aspects of their job. Jennifer Lawrence, one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actresses, also experienced nervousness while filming an intimate scene. 


Lawrence and Marvel star Chris Pratt had to share intimate scenes for their space adventure movie Passengers. The actress claimed that she experienced awkwardness and guilt after filming passionate love scenes with her married co-star in the 2016 sci-fi romance film. She did not exactly dislike filming Passengers; it was just that whenever she had to act all sappy in the movie, things quickly became awkward.

Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence

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Jennifer Lawrence Regretted Love Scenes With Her Passengers Co-Star

Bradley Cooper, Liam Hemsworth, and Nicholas Hoult are just a few of the Hollywood leading men with whom Jennifer Lawrence has shared passionate on-screen moments. However, her 2016 sci-fi drama Passengers marked the first time she filmed a love scene that involved more than just kissing Chris Pratt, another star famous for his good looks. The actress, 33, told The Hollywood Reporter:

“It was weird — and everything was done right, it wasn’t anybody’s fault, nobody did anything wrong. It’s just a bizarre experience.”

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt in Passengers
Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt in Passengers

Because Pratt was married at the time (to actress Anna Faris), she felt guilty, which caused her discomfort. The Hunger Games film series actress narrated:

“It was going to be my first time even kissing a married man, and guilt is like the worst feeling in your stomach.

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Jennifer Lawrence’s Comfort Was All That Chris Pratt Wanted

Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence shared a steamy scene in the science fiction movie Passengers, directed by Morten Tyldum, which must have required a lot of work to perfect. At Comic-Con, Pratt told E! News that he tried his best to make his leading lady feel at ease while filming such scenes.


The Parks and Recreation actor, 44, confessed: 

“We’re actors and it’s a big a part of the job. Your job as a leading man is to make the actress feel comfortable, and you do that by minimizing the amount of people that are there and … having a sense of whether or not they’re feeling okay.”

Months after Passengers had left the theaters, the Don’t Look Up actress was still haunted by the scene. Following the announcement of Pratt and Faris’ separation in August 2017, unfounded rumors that Lawrence was somehow involved quickly spread. She referred to it as the strangest rumor she had ever heard about herself as remarked to The Irish Independent:


“I never had an affair with Chris Pratt on Passengers. That’s a good one…I mean, they got a divorce like two years later and everybody was like, ‘Jennifer Lawrence!’ And I was like, ‘What the…what, I’m in Montreal two years later’.”

Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence in Passengers.
Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence in Passengers.

Well, Passengers received mixed reviews; it was praised for Lawrence and Pratt’s acting, the film’s visual aesthetic, and its production values, but it also received criticism for its plot and characters. It earned $304 million in worldwide box office revenue and received two Academy Award nominations. 

You can stream Passengers on DIRECTV. 

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