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My Hero Academia: 5 Reasons Lemillion Is All Might’s Successor (& 5 Reasons It’s Deku)

In My Hero Academia, two characters worth rooting for to become the greatest hero ever are Izuku Midoriya aka Deku and Mirio Togata aka Lemillion. While Deku is the lead character of the story, Lemillion’s case cannot be sidelined either. Who is the worthier successor to All Might’s legacy?

Lemillion – Hero Values

The concept of a hero has been tarnished and corrupted in the My Hero Academia Universe. Now heroes do not care too much about being exemplary role models. They have more selfish reasons to become the good guys. Uraraka wants to be a hero for the money. Mt Lady is Obsessed with being famous. Even Deku, the protagonist of Mye Hero Academia, you must admit, only wanted to be a superhero because of a combination of his rivalry with Bakugo and his longing for people to acknowledge his existence. Lemillion’s ideals and values are pretty similar to All Might. He wants to become a hero because he genuinely wants to help others without any other ulterior motifs.

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Deku – The Future Number One Superhero In The Making

It is mentioned right at the beginning of the anime premiere. Deku intends to surpass every hero and become the number one. And if there’s anything that we have learnt from Shone anime shows, it is that the lead protagonists generally do reach the top. Izuku Midoriya is poised to become the strongest hero in the My Hero Academia universe. His character development has been paving that road since day one. Although he is weaker than Lemillion as of now, there is no way Deku will remain this timind in the long run. One day, Deku will become the greatest hero of this planet.

Lemillion – Way Stronger Than Midoriya

We will admit this though – Lemillion has an unfair advantage. He is a senior student at U.A and has trained and honed himself in ways Deku is yet to go through. So of course Lemillion will be stronger than Izuku. But there’s also the fact that Lemillion is considered one of the strongest students in the entire history of U.A. His powers allow him to go toe to toe with superheroes like Endeavor, a force to be reckond with. Deku has achieved mastery of over 45 per cent of the One For All quirk. Lemillion could beat him very easily right now and that’s what counts.

Deku – Saves Everyone No Matter What

Both Deku and Lemillion do their best to save as many lives as possible. Lemillion has been shown to be ready to sacrifice his own life and put himself in harm’s way if it means saving other people in need. But Deku’s hero instincts are arguably stronger. He has an urge to save people, a quirk he develops after his time in the U.A. Deku instantly recognizes if people are in danger. His body starts moving on his own to save them as seen in the Paranormal Liberation War arc. He would even go so far as to save Shigaraki Tomura, his sworn enemy.

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Lemillion – More Experience

Lemillion has been ine the business for a longer time. so naturally he has way more experience than Deku. His adventures with heroes like Nighteye has taught him many things. Deku is yet to reach such a crossroads where his sense of justice and peace is put under the guillotine. Unlike Lemillion, Deku is yet to make the hard calls reminiscent of a hero. For all Deku has gone through, Lemillion must have had it way worse because he has been in the game for a far longer time.

Deku – Chosen By All Might

The powerful One For All quirk was not meant to be for Midoriya. It was actually meant to be given to Lemillion. All Might was supposed to give his quirk to Lemillion, his chosen successor way before he met Izuku. But something about Izuku moved All Might to challenge and go against that decision. In Izuku he saw a kindred spirit that was kind and despite no quirk, still wanted to help people in need. To become the strongest being on Earth, you need to have certain qualities. You need to be worthy of the power because in the wrong hands, it could wreak havoc. All Might chose Izuku over Lemillion because he knew this young boy was downright incorruptible.

Lemillion – Attack Evasion

Lemillion’s quirk is one of the most unique and hard to master in the show. His quirk of Permeation allows him to turn his entire or parts of his body intangible. While it is hard to master, it is even harder to use this quirk in a fight. But Lemillion has trained himself to such an extent that he can predict which parts of his body he needs to turn intangible to evade an attack and which parts of his body needs to make contact with the enemy with. Mirio has an advantage of remaining unscathed in a fight without even moving a muscle while others need to keep actively dodging enemy strikes. That is a huge advantage.

Deku – Inspires Others To Do The Right Thing

Deku’s primary motivations for becoming a hero were because of his idolization of All Might. He wanted people to know even a quirk-less nobody like him could one day become the greatest her of all time. In time, his journey has inspired so many other people. People like Shota, Uraraka, and even All Might have all been influenced by his never give up attitude. All of them were inspired by Deku and he will keep inspiring many more to do the same by the end of the story. Inspiring people to do the right thing  is pretty much the first and foremost objective of any hero.

Lemillion – Closest To All Might

Ever since he joined the show, Lemillion has been hyped up as one of the strongest heroes in the My Hero academia universe. Despoite him being still a student, even the greatest of Pro-Heroes acknowledge the fact that he is the closest one has ever come to the power of All Might. and that is saying something. Even Aizawa has told than on record when he first introduced the character to the others. Apart from the possible exception of All Might and Endeavor, there is no hero right now who could challenge Lemillion to a fight and manage to defeat him.

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Deku – Not One But Several Quirks

When the show began, Deku had no quirks. But right now, he has developed many. The One For All quirk has a hidden special ability. It can store the personal quirks of every hero who has been host to its power. Right now Deku has unlocked three additional abilities apart from the One For All ability – Float, Danger Sense, and Blackwhip. By the end of the story, he will unlock three more powers by the very least. Mastering all the seven quirks would definitely make him the greatest her of the planet, even surpassing all Might’s legacy.