My Hero Academia: All for One’s Lack of a Face Makes Him More Threatening than Villains Like Madara or Mahito

Being faceless is a boon for All for One since it has allowed him to become more intimidating.

My Hero Academia: All for One’s Lack of a Face Makes Him More Threatening than Villains Like Madara or Mahito


  • My Hero Academia is one of the most popular anime and is nearing its end with the manga reaching its climax, but one question that lingers in the minds of the fans is that how All for One does can use his senses without any sensory organs.
  • All for One can sense other people through his sensory quirks, which allows him to perceive objects and hear conversations and accordingly reply, and on top of that, he can also use telepathy.
  • Not having a face makes All for One one of the most threatening villains since he shows no emotions and the Pro Heroes cannot analyze his thoughts.
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My Hero Academia is one of the popular anime that will most likely wrap up the story before 2024. The manga has almost reached the climax, even though the anime is pretty behind. Deku, Bakugo, and Todoroki trio has reached unimaginable fame in the last few years. Kohei Horikoshi’s magic hands have helped these characters with their personalities and charisma.


Even though the manga is nearing its end, one lingering question that confuses the audience is why All for One does not have a face. His face is just made up of scar tissues and looks like a ball of flesh covered by ragged skin. People often wonder how he can perceive things with no sensory organs. But Kohei Horikoshi left the clue within the answer for the fans to find out in My Hero Academia.

How Can All for One Sense His Surroundings With No Sensory Organs?

all for one without mask in my hero academia
All for One without mask in My Hero Academia

All for One used to have a face in My Hero Academia. He was fair and had white hair. But during his battle against All for One, he was severely injured, and his facial tissues were damaged. Since then, he has had a faceless face made up of the scar tissues from his fight with All Might. All for One does not have ears, eyes, nose, or even hair. From his upper lip to the back of his neck, his face is just a mass of flesh. The only striking feature about his face is that his eye sockets are identifiable due to a couple of troughs in the place of his eyes.


Even though All for One does not have most of the sensory organs, he does not have a problem perceiving his surroundings. Out of all his quirks, he has a few sensory ones. The Infrared Quirk allows him to sense the vibrations of other beings or things and helps him take action accordingly. He can hear what other people are saying and answer even though he has no ears. It was shown that he has the ability to hear conversations from a distance.

all for one with mask in my hero academia
All for One with mask in My Hero Academia

Another thing is that he can also use telepathy to converse with other people. So, All for One does not have any problem being a faceless antagonist. In reality, it works in his favor since he is habituated to always use the sensory quirks. Having the sensory organs would put pressure on him since it could have a doubling effect on him.

Facelessness Makes All for One an Intimidating Antagonist in My Hero Academia

All for One is one of the most intimidating antagonists of all time. Since the beginning of My Hero Academia, All for One has been the number one priority for the Pro Heroes. The villain wants to get hold of the One for All quirk since it originally belonged to his twin brother. For centuries, he has been trying to get hold of it but failed every time.

all for one and his twin brother
All for One and his twin brother

In fact, he lost his face against the One for All user of that time. Having a faceless face makes All for One makes him pretty powerful. Having been habituated using his quirks, he can sense everything about his enemies. He is expressionless, which can throw the Pro Heroes off the rails at understanding him. The Pro Heroes are always at a disadvantage while facing him due to his face. He can make his face turn differently, and the Heroes can think of launching a surprise attack.

But he can easily call their surprise attack. His sensory quirks had already picked up the location of the attack. Even if the Heroes have the upper hand, due to his expressionless face, they might become too cautious and delay their attack by a fraction of a second. It will be more than enough for the villain to call off that attack. So, not having a face is a boon for him and a curse for his enemies.

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