My Hero Academia Drops Another Bomb as its 4th Movie Confirms Release Window After Season 7

My Hero Academia fandom's 2024 is sorted after the anime announced its fourth movie after the announcement of the seventh season.

My Hero Academia Drops Another Bomb as its 4th Movie Confirms Release Window After Season 7


  • After announcing season seven in Spring 2024 a few days back, My Hero Academia announces its fourth movie of the franchise, scheduled for Summer 2024.
  • Only the name and the inclusion of Izuku Midoriya have been confirmed for the 4th installment, My Hero Academia: The Movie.
  • The last movie, World Heroes' Mission, was released back in 2021, which means fans would have waited a total of three years for the sequel.
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My Hero Academia’s popularity is on the rise even after completing six seasons. The seventh season is on its way, and the fans couldn’t get any more excited. The manga is slowly nearing its end, and the upcoming season might be a stepping stone for the anime into the final saga. Deku’s journey has had peaks and troughs, and it is time for the fans to see what kind of hero he is being turned into.

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Just when everyone thought that they could not get any more excited after the announcement of season 7, My Hero Academia announced that its fourth movie was on its way. Most of the time, anime movies are non-canon, but the fans feel the same adrenaline rush whenever their favorite characters are shown in the anime. With the seventh season and the fourth movie, it will be a carnival for the My Hero Academia fans.


My Hero Academia Announced Its Fourth Movie

my hero academia the movie poster
My Hero Academia: The Movie poster

A few days back, My Hero Academia announced the arrival of its seventh season. The seventh season is scheduled for Spring 2024. Just like the last six seasons, it will most likely be 25 episodes and will be stretched for 4-5 months. While the fans were gearing up for the second half of the Dark Hero arc, the anime dropped a bomb on the fandom with the announcement of its fourth movie.



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Nothing much is known about the movie except for the fact that it is scheduled for Summer 2024. So, it is likely to release when the seventh will be airing. The first movie is named Two Heroes, the second one is named Heroes Rising, and the third one is named World Heroes’ Mission. The fourth movie is named My Hero Academia: The Movie. It will be three since the last movie was released in 2021. So, there will be a lot of expectations from the fans.


More On My Hero Academia

All Might
All Might

My Hero Academia focuses on the journey of a quirkless boy named Izuku Midoriya. He idolizes the number one Hero, All Might, and wants to become a hero after growing up. But as fate had it, he was quirkless and could not become a hero. But a sudden change of fate saw him being chosen by All Might to inherit his powers. Thus began Izuku Midoriya’s journey to become the number one Hero as he joined U.A. to compete with the top hero candidates.

u.a. students - my hero academia
U.A. Students

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Izuku Midoriya is the one character confirmed in My Hero Academia: The Movie. The poster only has his picture. But it is predicted that his fellow U.A. friends will also be present. For the moment, only the poster has been released. Fans are eager to know when the trailer will drop. In a span of a few days, My Hero Academia fans received two major announcements. It is time for the fans to see how well both season seven and the fourth movie perform.

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