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My Hero Academia: 7 Most Evil Female Villains, Ranked

My Hero Academia didn’t do justice with its female characters; they weren’t as well-defined as they should’ve been. But still, some of these characters stand out in their own way and become favourites of many fans. Below is the list of the 7 most evil female villains who were badass and were incredibly powerful.

7. Kiruka Hasaki also known as Slice is a young villain working for Nine in My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising. Just like everyone one else in the Nine’s group, Kiruka is also very talented and a powerful fighter.

An interesting quirk that Kiruka has is manipulating her hair in various ways and using it as a weapon. Her hair is used as a blade for self-defense and for fighting with her enemies as well. After all these abilities she still has very little screen time which is quite unfair.

Kiruka Hasaki

6. The Hero Public Safety Commission President is a middle-aged woman. A powerful villain is hiding under the mask of a noble bureaucrat. Her character is not well defined, and her personality is kind of hidden per se in My Hero Academia.

Public Safety Commission President

5. Woman was one highly terrifying and intelligent female nomu Doctor Kyudai Garaki kept in his lab. But she was a bit different from other Nomu’s. She had a more feminine body type. She was aroused during the Paranormal Liberation War Arc. Woman was pretty aggressive and expressed her desire to kill heroes. She was pretty wild when it came to destroying the heroes. Adding to her abilities, there were three Quirks: Rupture, Super Regeneration, and Liquefaction. Indeed, she is a dangerous villain!


4. A super brutal villain affiliated with the League of Villain members, Kenji Hikiish, also known as Magne, has a murderous personality. Magne joined the Vanguard Action Squad’s attack on U.A. ‘s training centre. But there was a strong reason behind Magne joining the villains. Being a transgender person was not easy. Magne became a villain so that she could be her true self.

Kenji Hikiishi

3. La Brava, commonly known as Manami Aiba, is a primary antagonist in My Hero Academia. She basically serves as the secondary antagonist of the U.A. Cultural Festival Arc. A unique thing about her character is that it revolves around the concept of love. You’ll be pretty surprised to hear La Brava’s Quirk; with the help of her quirk, she can give a power boost to the people she loves. She is also a self-taught hacker and also helped Gentle’s career. With her intelligence, she cracked down on the security around the U.A.

La Brava

2. Himiko Toga is an important antagonist of the anime series. She is a member of the League of Villains and served as one of the main antagonists of the Forest Training Camp Arc. Himiko is exceptionally powerful and dangerous, she often follows a villainous path.

She can also turn herself into people whose blood she has consumed and can have control over that person also. Because of her villainous behaviour and dangerous quirks her parents mistreated her. But one thing which is worth pointing out here about Himiko is that she is very truthful with her fellow villains which is so touching.

Himiko Toga

1. Lady Nagant was once a popular Pro Heroine before turning into a villain. She serves as one of the main antagonists of the Tartarus Escapees Arc. This villainous woman can go to any extent to defeat her enemies and to achieve her goals. But this dangerous woman is still good at heart and from inside her hero spirit is still alive.

Lady Naganat