“My soul nearly left my body”: James Gunn’s Green Lantern Plans Wins Over the Fans After Being Compared To Blade Actor’s Show

Finally some good news for the fans of DCU as the new Green Lantern series gets compared to acclaimed drama, True Detective

james gunn’s green lantern plans wins over the fans after being compared to blade actor’s show


  • After years of being a disjointed universe, James Gunn and Peter Safran were brought onboard to salvage DC
  • The duo is set to do exactly the same with their chapters, that would include connected movies and TV shows
  • Green Lantern show is one of the first to be released and it has been compared to True Detective, an highly acclaimed show
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Things didn’t pan out well the last time Green Lantern was adapted for live-action, which failed in every single aspect, leading WB to put Green Lantern on ice for over a decade in live-action. But it appears the prominent DC IP might finally get its due in the new chapter of the DC universe under the leadership of James Gunn and Peter Safran, which is set to kickstart next year.

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With the DCU set to tell an intertwined story throughout the medium of TV and films, the planned Green Lantern show will play a major role in settling up DCU’s overarching narrative. And following the Guardians director’s plans to craft it more in line with HBO’s acclaimed True Detective, fans are optimistic about its future.


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True Detective is getting a new season
True Detective

James Gunn’s Plans for the Green Lantern Show Has Left Fans’ Enticed

The way the mystery unfolds in the acclaimed series, which is accompanied by some great performances from everyone onboard, True Detective became an instant classic upon its release. And with the DCU prioritizing storytelling under James Gunn‘s leadership, witnessing a Green Lantern show in the footsteps of the acclaimed thriller seems the perfect step to redeem the IP in live-action. Reflecting upon the direction Gunn and Safran are set to take for Green Lantern, fans are assured the duo will hit it out of the park as they share their adoration with the move.


Although time will tell whether the new DCU will be successful in avoiding the pitfalls the old one fell into, following James Gunn’s love for the art form, it’s reasonable to be confident about its future.

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James Gunn
James Gunn

Green Lantern Will Lead To DCU’s Overall Story

Apart from having the job of redeeming the IP in the realm of live-action, the Green Lantern show will also lead into the overall story of the entire DCU through the medium of TV and Movies. Gunn explained,

“[Green Lantern] leads into the overall story that we’re telling throughout the different, different movies and television shows. And we find this Ancient Horror on Earth. And these guys are basically, you know, super cops on precinct Earth.”

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Green Lantern
Green Lantern | DC Comics

With the show set to bring the fan-favorite duo of Hal Jordan and John Stewart for the ride, fans are assured this will right the wrongs of the previous depiction of the IP in live-action.




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