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‘National Treasure 3 but Nic Cage is looking for a secret Taylor Swift album’: Fans React to Nicolas Cage Reportedly Returning to His Biggest Movie Franchise

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Nicolas Cage’s famous franchise National Treasure would be seeing him once again as the actor is reportedly returning to the franchise after 15 years. The franchise was first launched by Disney in 2004 and the sequel came out in 2007. Benjamin Gates travels around the world searching for hidden treasures and discovering new mysteries.

Nic Cage in National Treasure.
Nic Cage in National Treasure.

The critics may have not liked the film series as much but, the audience surely did. It was highly well-received by fans of Cage. While Disney had been trying to figure out what to do with the franchise for a while now, Nic Cage’s rising fame once again due to his work in Pig has brought the possibility of a third installment of the movie once again.

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Nicolas Cage Could Be Returning To The National Treasure Franchise

National Treasure: Edge of History will be available on Disney’s streaming service in December 2022, giving the studio a fresh opportunity to leverage the IP after the introduction of Disney+. Despite being a soft relaunch of the film series, Justin Bartha returns to the series as Riley Poole. There has since been anticipation that Nicolas Cage would reprise his role as Benjamin Gates in a future National Treasure adventure.

Nicolas Cage in National Treasure
Nicolas Cage in National Treasure

A report suggests that Nicolas Cage’s return to National Treasure may be imminent. According to the source, Cage is in “different stages of conversations” regarding a National Treasure sequel. Whether the new endeavor will be National Treasure 3 or a potential comeback as part of National Treasure: Edge of History is uncertain. The only thing that is currently known is that Nicolas Cage is in discussions with Disney about taking the lead in a new sequel.

Nic Cage
Nic Cage

The long wait between sequels has confused many, resulting in just about everyone involved with the franchise sharing their reasons behind the delays. Nicolas Cage has previously attributed National Treasure 3 not happening due to underwhelming box office hauls for other movies that featured him as a lead. Now that the actor is on the rise again thanks to movies like Pig or The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, that could be why Disney is now trying to get him back as Benjamin Gates.

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The Fans React To Nicolas Cage’s Returning To The Franchise

While this news is still yet to be confirmed, fans have been ecstatic about the return and cannot wait to see the actor take up his role once again.

Fans have either supported this idea or been completely against it, stating that Face/Off does not require a sequel and that Nicolas Cage, although his role in Pig was highly applauded, the question of where the story would go afterward was raised.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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