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Looking to gather a fortune in Starfield? Bethesda Game Studios’ primary currency isn’t too elusive, but gathering a substantial sum can be a challenge, especially if you’re eyeing that next shopping spree for top-tier weapons and armor from vendors.

Each planet in the expansive galaxy boasts its own price range, and securing resources will demand some effort on your part. Non-playable characters (NPCs) wield the power to set prices, so unless you fancy a pirate’s life of plundering, you’ll have to play by their rules.

Joining different factions can prove fruitful, and be sure to explore every corner of the universe while diligently completing missions. With an array of options at your disposal, you’ll find that relying solely on console commands won’t cut it. Here’s your comprehensive guide to fast-tracking credit accumulation in Starfield through proven methods.

Strategies for Credit Acquisition in Starfield

There are a few easy ways to fast track credit accumulation in <em>Starfield</em>.<em> Image via Bethesda Game Studios</em>
There are a few easy ways to fast track credit accumulation in Starfield. Image via Bethesda Game Studios

Earning credits in Starfield can be accomplished through various avenues

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Selling Items: In the beginning stages of the game you will probably earn most of your credits by selling items such, as weapons, spacesuits and surplus resources.

Completing Quests: The completion of missions offers rewards, often including bonus credits a time-tested RPG tradition. Regardless of your allegiance, whether Constellation or the Crimson Fleet, each mission’s end results in a credit boost.

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Smuggling Contraband: Dabbling in illicit contraband trade can yield substantial profits for savvy entrepreneurs.

Piracy: Adopting a more unlawful approach as a space faring pirate is another route to accumulating credits, albeit one fraught with risk.

Building Outposts: Establishing and consistently managing outposts on resource-rich planets is a passive income generator. Assign crew members and companions to oversee these outposts and collect resources over time for lucrative sales. Upgrading your commerce skill will enhance the earnings from this method.

Optimal Credit Farming Techniques in Starfield

To gather significant wealth in Starfield, consider the following strategies:

Unlock and Enhance the Commerce Skill: Investing in your commerce skill and leveling it up will significantly boost your earnings when selling resources.

Upgrade the Scavenging Skill: Elevating your scavenging skill will enable you to discover and collect more valuable resources during your adventures.

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Build and Maintain Outposts: Establish outposts on planets brimming with resources and consistently manage them with assigned crew members and companions. This method remains one of the most effective ways to accumulate credits passively.

By following these techniques, you’ll ensure a steady inflow of credits in Starfield. This financial confidence will empower you to indulge in shopping sprees and progress through the game without fiscal constraints. 

However, it’s worth noting that while console commands are available on PC, opting for this route will nullify your achievements—a decision best made with careful consideration. So, begin on your galactic journey, accumulate wealth, and let the cosmos be your oyster!

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