“Neither of these people… are Dr. Doom”: 2 Scenes in Deadpool 3 Super Bowl Trailer Has Fans Convinced of the Latverian Dictator’s MCU Debut

The fans are sure that Doctor Doom appeared in Deadpool 3 trailer.

"Neither of these people... are Dr. Doom": 2 Scenes in Deadpool 3 Super Bowl Trailer Has Fans Convinced of the Latverian Dictator's MCU Debut


  • The fans think that Doctor Doom appeared twice in the newly released Deadpool 3 Super Bowl teaser.
  • Even though the scenes are not clear, the character with a metallic mask and cloak closely resembles Doom.
  • A Secret Wars comic book easter egg also suggests that the Doctor Doom speculations might turn out true.
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The Deadpool 3 trailer, recently released at the Super Bowl, has wreaked havoc on the internet. The ardent Marvel fans have been going mad over the easter eggs and the minute details in the teaser. While there is much to decode, certain scenes hint at the potential entry of Doctor Doom in the MCU. The villain has been a subject of interest among MCU fans for a long time, and it looks like the upcoming threequel might present him finally.

Doctor Doom Fantastic Four
Doctor Doom

Since its announcement, there have been several rumors regarding Deadpool 3. A wide range of characters are rumored to appear in the film. Now, the trailer released in Super Bowl has at least two scenes that hint at the appearance of Doctor Doom in Deadpool & Wolverine.

Did Doctor Doom appear in Deadpool 3’s teaser?

Deadpool & Wolverine is currently the most hyped project in the MCU slate. From the comeback of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine to the rumored appearances of several existing Fox Universe Marvel characters, there are many reasons why the upcoming project has driven the fans mad. Now, some fans have speculated from certain scenes that the Latverian monarch might also appear in the flick.

The fans speculate that this character might be Doctor Doom
The fans speculate that this character might be Doctor Doom

If the trailer is observed closely, then at the 1:48 mark, we can spot a character with a metallic mask and a long cloak. It cannot be denied that at first glance, the character at Wasteland location looks a lot like Victor Von Doom. Such a character is also seen again at the 1:52 mark. Although it cannot be confirmed if both the characters are the same, they give a strong Doom vibe to us.

Before the fans start to argue, it must also be noted that the film is rumored to bid adieu to the old Marvel movies under Fox’s regime. While the appearances of several X-Men and the rumored appearance of Jennifer Garner’s Elektra have almost confirmed it, there might also be a possibility for the movie to feature the characters from Fox’s three Fantastic Four films.

Julian McMahon in the 2000s and Toby Kebbell in 2015 played two iterations of Victor Von Doom in Fox’s Fantastic Four films. The Ryan Reynolds movies are also renowned for going meta and featuring various characters from other films, and Deadpool 3 might also use this trope to feature Doctor Doom in the MCU.


Did the fans agree to the Doctor Doom speculation?

Screengrab from Deadpool 3 trailer
A still from the Deadpool 3 trailer

Since the MCU fell into trouble because of the controversies surrounding Jonathan Majors, rumors circulated about the new Big Bad being Doctor Doom. While several insiders suggested that it might not be the scenario, Marvel did not announce anything concrete regarding their Kang problem. Amidst all this, the hints of Doctor Doom in the Deadpool 3 teaser have given the Marvel fans something new to talk about.

Let us take a look at some tweets:



If these scenes were not enough to talk about, Deadpool 3‘s teaser upped their level of meta-ness and featured a Secret Wars comic book at the 2:02 mark. This is the scene where we can spot the shadow of Wolverine. The comic book cover shown beside is the cover of 2015’s Secret Wars #5. Comic book lovers know that Doom was an integral part of 2015’s Secret Wars and it is also obvious from the cover.

Earlier, it was stated that Deadpool & Wolverine will play a crucial role in The Multiverse Saga. It is also reported to impact the events of 2027’s Avengers: Secret Wars. Now it must be seen if all of this makes any sense or if we as fans have once again over-speculated the entire scenario. Everything will be made clear by Deadpool & Wolverine, set to be released on July 26, 2024.


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