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Netflix’s Daredevil Creator Drew Goddard Rumored to Join James Gunn’s DCU After Ben Affleck Steps Out From Batman Movie

Netflix’s Daredevil Creator Drew Goddard Rumored to Join James Gunn’s DCU After Ben Affleck Steps Out From Batman Movie

From its conception, the DC Universe has caused a stir in the film industry by bringing beloved characters and tales to the big screen. Yet there have been other obstacles, including Ben Affleck’s exit as the upcoming Batman movie’s director and the consequent rethinking of the intended solo feature.

The creator of Daredevil on Netflix, Drew Goddard, is reportedly in discussions to helm a feature for DC Studios, sparking rumors of his inclusion in the DC Universe. Fans are excited to see what Drew Goddard can add to this new enterprise and have begun speculating on his potential contributions.

Jeff Sneider Has A Lot To Say About Drew Goddard

Jeff Sneider
Jeff Sneider

Ben Affleck was supposed to create, direct, produce, and star in a solo Batman movie for Warner Bros. But in 2020, he abandoned the ship, saying he wasn’t that into it and that someone else should steer it for the character.

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As a result of his departure, a new filmmaker is free to tackle the legendary superhero, and all signs point to Drew Goddard. The director has experience in the superhero genre from his time working on the Netflix adaptation of Marvel’s Daredevil. Besides co-writing The Martian and World War Z, he wrote and directed the horror comedy The Cabin in the Woods in 2012.

Drew Goddard
Drew Goddard

In a recent podcast episode with John Rocha, film critic Jeff Sneider talks about Ben Affleck’s latest interview with The Hollywood Reporter and how he “wouldn’t be surprised if Drew Goddard directed a movie” after Ben Afflick’s exit.

“I wouldn’t be surprised IF Drew Goddard directed a movie since he was named as one of the people in the brain trust of DC Studios, maybe something like The Authority.”

Before this, Jeff Sneider confirmed that Drew Goddard was a “part of the DC brain trust helping James Gunn map out the large universe.”

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An addition of Drew Goddard to the DC universe would be a big deal for the production company because of the director’s track record of creating groundbreaking and aesthetically striking works. His contributions to Daredevil’s harsh, realistic character portrayal helped set that program apart from others in the superhero genre.

Batman Or Superman?

Superman Legacy
Superman Legacy

The highly awaited Superman Legacy movie is scheduled for release on July 11, 2025, and if rumors are to be believed, Drew Goddard will join James Gunn’s DC Universe to work on the film with the Suicide Squad director. Warner Bros. pushed forward with a new Batman incarnation, with Robert Pattinson, who replaced Christian Bale in the role for Matt Reeves’ The Batman, released last year.

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Drew Goddard may not have been the first person to put his stamp on the legendary hero, but with the DC Universe growing and a bevy of new projects in the works, he still has plenty of time to do so. The speculation about Drew Goddard’s future involvement in the DC Universe should also be taken with a grain of salt. No official word from Warner Bros. or DC Studios about Drew Goddard being in discussions for a project.

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